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Cloud storage (western digital maybe?)

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I’m looking at buying a big external hard drive like the Western Digital cloud. I need something big at least 6-8TB (I have a lot of photos and video) but I’d like it to be mirrored for extra protection. 
I wondered if you had any recommendations please?

I'm a bit limited funds wise but my phone and MacBook and two external hard drives are all full so need it sooner rather than later in case something fails. 
thank you 

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12 hours ago, Kim with the purple hair said:

I'm a bit limited funds

As soon as you start throwing "Mirroring" around, the price increases. I personally like my Hard Drives to be rock-solid, beefy and this usually results in them being "expensive." What do I have hooked up to my iMac? I like G-Drives. Here is one that is Thunderbolt 3 Based as well as USB 3.2.) I'd recommend just going for 12TB, which is two 6TB Drives Mirrored. You need to be careful when looking at HD brands, often they will give you the Raid 0 configuration, in this case that's two 6TB Drives combined that gets you 12TB. As soon as you start Mirroring, you need to cut the storage by half.

SanDisk Professional G-RAID 2 12TB 2-Bay RAID Array

This drive will only give you 6TB of Mirrored Space.

There is a 12TB Mirrored and 24TB Raid 0 Model, but that's around $1100. Sheesh. Electronics and inflation (along with import Tariffs from items coming from China) are driving up prices. Not to mention today's $100 is yesterdays $20 bill. (Or so it seems.) Everything is just costing more. :)

The other thing you can do is buy a single 12TB Drive now and then save up to invest in a NAS or a Mirrored EHD. Either way, if you want data redundancy, and want things to not fail, it's going to cost you money.



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