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NVIDIA RTX 3060 vs 3080

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I'd get the RTX 3080 or a 3070Ti with 8GB of Video RAM at a minimum at this point. The 3090 isn't worth it, not THAT much of a performance boost. Skip the 3060. Also, keep in mind you might have to upgrade the power supply to support this new video card. I usually recommend 850 Watt Power Supplies.

OH!! Be sure to download and install the NVIDIA STUDIO DRIVERS!! The Studio Drivers are meant for Programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. The standard drivers are meant for General Computing and Video Games. You want the Studio Drivers. 

Why spend the extra $400? Because of the AI Crap and all the other Bloatware, I mean, "Features," that Adobe is adding to Photoshop CC. Even though a 3060 would probably work "fine" for right now, I can't guarantee that will be the case 3-6 months from now. KWIM? Saving $400 could be worse than blowing the money on a 3060, only to upgrade things in 6 months.

Buy it Right - Buy it Once!!

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So another question a bit off that topic. Is it possible to purchase Photoshop without doing the subscription? I’ve done the subscription for years because at the time I couldn’t find another option and it seemed like a good plan. But I honestly get frustrated with the changes (even though some are helpful). I still need to upgrade my PC, but wondering if there is another option for the program. Thank you for your help!

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2 hours ago, jamieray said:

Is it possible to purchase Photoshop without doing the subscription?


If you want to "Purchase" Photoshop, you are buying Photoshop Elements. You can thank the software pirates for that one. Photoshop was THE MOST PIRATED SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD AT SOME POINT. In fact, I took a look at the Torrents years ago and calculated that Adobe was losing about 2 Million Dollars just between three Photoshop Torrent Threads. I'm sure there was a lot more being lost.

Believe it or not, Photoshop is CHEAPER today with the $9.99 Photography Plan vs if you purchased it outright. Back in the day, Photoshop ran you $699 or so and you were expected to purchase the upgrades every 2-3 years at $299. (Remember, Photoshop is a PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM, people often forget that.) So if you figure $700 and $300, plus Tax...puts it around $1060 at 6% Sales Tax. (Some places might be more, others less...so let's just go with $1060.)

Let's figure you will use Photoshop for about 7 years, sticking with the current version that you purchased. Like CS5. (We aren't talking about all of the CS6 or any other updates, just CS5 or CS 5.1, 5.2, etc., just that version.) At $1060.00 divided  over 7 years is $151.43. If you divide that payment by 12 months, you get $12.62. So that $9.99 plan plus local sales tax is CHEAPER than what you would have paid for that version of Photoshop for over 7 years! Plus!! With the Subscription Plan, you always get the latest version of Photoshop! If you were to upgrade your purchased copy of CS5 and got CS6, you'd be out another $1060-ish. See what I mean?

The problem is people buy a copy of software, like Photoshop, and expect it to run for YEARS. Companies can't make money that way, they need you in the Market sooner, rather than later. Now figure in all the Pirates who stole Photoshop because they didn't want to pay the $700. So I'm sorry to say, the Subscription Model is here to stay. Be sure to get the "Photography Plan" for $9.99 and do not pay for the "Cloud" versions that cost $19.99. Hell, the Photoshop Only plan is even more expensive.

Edit: I pay $10.59 each month for my Photoshop CC Subscription, after tax. So if we figure the above rate of $12.62 each month if I purchased PS outright, I pay $2.03 less each month by subscribing to Photoshop. So in the end, it's pretty much a wash if you think about it.

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