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Brian, I bought this Dell you recommended to edit on. I have a MacBook Pro and am having a hard time making the monitor work. I believe I need a docking station that can handle going from my Mac to the screen. Do you have a recommendation? 

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5 hours ago, SheaB said:

I have a MacBook Pro and am having a hard time making the monitor work.

There's your problem. It's a Mac. What MBP are we talking about? Year / Model?

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Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you.

Under graphics it says AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB

Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536MB

My husband has agreed to take this monitor for our other business if I found another that would work better for editing and work better with my Mac. 

That being said I could look into a docking station or a completely different monitor that may make my workflow better. 

Do you have a recommendation? 

Thank you for your help and patience. 

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Chances are, Photoshop is using the lowered powered Intel UHD Graphics 630, which is great for battery life, but sucks when Photoshop is involved. To confirm this, head to the Photoshop Menu, next to the Apple Menu at the top. From there, head to Preferences and then select Performance.


The Performance Settings should appear. Take a look towards the right, what does it say about your "Graphics Processor Setting?" Which card is being used by Photoshop?

Here is what mine looks like:



It's either going to be the Intel one or the AMD. Hopefully it's set to Intel, which will confirm my suspicions. If it's set to the AMD Radeon Pro, well...we will jump off that bridge when we get to it. :) It is possible that you might have to toggle the built in MacBook Display and only use the external. I wish I knew more, but I don't have a Mac Laptop, just have owned iMacs for the last 14+ years.


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I did find something!!!

From Adobe's Website:



If you are using a MacBook or MacBook Pro, go to System Preferences > Energy Saver, and turn off Automatic Graphics Switching

Restart Photoshop and see if the symptoms still occur.


Here is an example that I swiped from their Website:


That Top Check-Mark for "Automatic graphics switching," TURN IT OFF OR UN-CHECK IT!!! 

Then close out the Energy Saver Window and I would even reboot. Then head into PS Preferences >> Performance and hopefully the AMD Radeon is being used by Photoshop.

Since you are on a Mac, I'm moving this thread to the Macintosh User Group.

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