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Another Monitor Question


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Apple purposely designs their products that only Apple Computers will perform at their best with Apple Displays. Here is a comment from someone who had a "High-End" BenQ Display and finally broke down and bought the Apple Studio Display:



I finally got sick of my Benq displays. I have two rather high end ones. The scaling and calibration results have always been just 'ok'. Actually the scaling is rather awful to tell the truth. The calibration results have always looked on the warm and 'muddy' side. I've TRIED to be a champion for them for many years, because they have a lot of features and good bang for the buck. Even before I got a Mac I had BenQ displays. BUT.... lately I've gotten curious about this 'full on Mac experience' with the Apple Studio Display, and for once had some cash to blow on myself. I got it yesterday. 🙂 So far, not one bit sorry about it. LOL Turned off True Tone and auto brightness, cranked the brightness way down, calibrated it in two minutes with no muss, no fuss last night. So far, text and images scale so much better and crisper, and the colours are fantastic and rich. I'm using the newer Benq (4K with Thunderbolt 3) as a secondary to it now in a daisy chain config, and it's looking a little sad next to it. Haha Donating my Benq 2K SW2700PT to my husband for his audio studio. He doesn't care what they look like. LOL The price kept me from getting one for the past year, but finally just decided to check out the difference figuring I'd return it if I didn't like it. It's not going back. The mic and speakers are fantastic, and being able to take a call on it while working is amazing. Anyway, that's my experience for what it's worth. Haha


Here is my response:


Your experience mirrors other's. That's why I recommend the Apple Studio Display. Sure you can use other displays, and they are "OK." Or the other phrase is, "I got a _______ Display, I wish I just got the Apple one..." or "I wasted $1200 on the LG, and should have spent $300 more..." 

Apple does this on purpose. They want you at 5K using their display. Things just don't look their best on a Mac with a Generic / Windows-based 4K Display...it just doesn't scale right. ESPECIALLY THE TEXT. Sure, you can use whatever Display you choose, but to get that full "Apple Experience," you need to fork out the stupid $1600 for it.
Which sucks.

The good news is, you are not locked into your Display as you would with a iMac. So when the time comes, you can get another Mac Mini or upgrade to a Mac Studio. In essence, you spend more money on the front end, but save it on the back-end. Very much like buying a Super Fancy Pro-Grade Lens, Camera Bodies can be replaced, but the Fancy Pro-Grade Stuff should last you at least 10-20 years, provided the Manufactures don't change the lens mount.


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Yeah...it tears me up inside having to recommend a stupid $1600 Display! It really does. That sucker is overpriced for what it is. The up-side is you can purchase a Mac like a Mac Mini or Mac Studio a few times using that same Display. So it's more of an "investment," (and I use that term loosely,) meaning it's very much like buying a Pro-Grade Lens that you will use for 10-20 years and just replace bodies as needed. In addition, a new Mac Laptop that's "Good for Photo Editing" will set you back $4600. So $1600 doesn't seem so bad now, does it? Then when it comes time, you can replace that Mac Laptop with a tricked out Mac Mini that will not only be cheaper, but run MUCH FASTER than that Laptop.  

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