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looking at the photo on the screen

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Hello Brian, 

 I while back, I remember reading about how you can change the settings in the camera to see how the actual photo looks on the lcd screen/viewfinder after you have taken the shot and not the raw format.  I can't remember how to do this as I got a new camera. I hope that makes sense.  I have a canon mirrorless, thanks, Candice 

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You will never see what the Raw Image looks like on the back of the camera. The reason is what you see on the Camera’s LCD is the JPEG Preview that’s embedded within the Raw File. 

That said, we can change what you see on the LCD to resemble what the Raw File will look like, and is what you are asking. :) 

Canon Cameras: Find the Picture Style Menu and set it to “Flat.”

Nikon Cameras: Find the Set Picture Control Menu and set it to either “Neutral or Flat,” depending on the Camera Body Model. 


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2 hours ago, April Showalter said:

Will changing the Picture Control adjust the way it looks on the LCD screen and not the Raw File?


It only affects the image you see on the Camera's LCD. Setting the JPEG Preview to look more "Blah" is so it doesn't go from #Amazeballz to #Blah while in ACR / LR; it's to get the JPEG Preview looking more like the Raw file.

That said, IF you use your Camera Manufacture's OEM viewing software, and why would you since you use Adobe's products, then it will also look Flat / Neutral there. But if you have never used the Nikon or Canon software, it's something you aren't aware of and the Raw file will remain intact.

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