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Best time to get a new laptop in terms of sales


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Hi everyone,

I'm needing a new laptop soon and was wondering should i buy it now OR  wait for any known sales? Unsure if laptops etc go down in price for Black Friday, Boxing day sales. Any insight is grateful.

Thank you!

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16 hours ago, Thuie said:

was wondering should i buy it now OR  wait for any known sales?


That thinking worked 20-30 years ago. In today's world? Not-so-much. Back in the 1990's and early 2000's, manufacturers would have a "Spring Line" and a "Fall Line." The Spring Line laptops would always go on sale for the back-to-school College Students in August. This also helped clear out stock for the Fall Models that were meant for Christmas. This type of thing went on for years, and even companies like Apple still do this; the have the "Early ####" Model Year, and the "Late ####" Model Year. For example, my iMac that I'm typing this comment on is a on a Late 2017 27" iMac.

Fast forward to the last 10 years or so. Laptops you see for sale today, that meet all of my requirements and are in your price-range, WILL BE GONE WITHIN 45-90 DAYS! They will be replaced by new models and you will have to start the hunt all over again. The days of lusting after a certain make/model, saving up, hoping and praying that you will soon be able to buy it...ARE OVER!

If you see one that meets my criteria, can afford it, CLICK BUY!!

I always recommend folks saving up about $2500 for a Window Laptop that's "Good for Photo Editing." This way you will be able to pull the trigger quickly if you need to, otherwise you find one, then come to the realization that it's out of your price-range, (and no...the $500-$1000 laptop isn't going to cut in in 2023/2024,) then that model will be gone within 6 weeks. That's why I don't have a "What to Buy" List. Things change too quickly.

So my advice? Start Saving. Have at least $2500 or more in cash on hand, or at the very least have 50% saved up and put the rest on a Credit Card.

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