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2023 iMac??


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Brian - I have read your suggestions for a new Mac for 2023 and I understand why you don’t recommend the iMac - can’t calibrate, not enough memory…. Do you know if the calibration issue has been solved? And if someone were to get a new iMac, how fast do you think it would be obsolete with only 16 gb of ram? 



ps. So very unhappy that there are no more 27 iMacs and/or a way to get more ram. 

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Apple is doing some sort of new model release event on Monday. Wait until next week to see what’s up. 

I’m not happy about the lack of a 27” Model either. I know the Calibration Companies are about to release new models to work with the newer Mac screens. As for the 24” Mac…I’m not sure if the calibration devices work well. I’d wait until the new models are released as well they have the best chance of working with a 24” Mac. 

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The 16GB of RAM…

…if you build it they will come. 

Meaning, even though the 16GB of RAM on a M2 acts more like 32GB does on a Intel chip, all that means is programmers won’t put in a huge effort to optimize their code to keep that efficiency with 16GB RAM and a M2 chip.  

My next Mac will have 128GB of RAM, or at the very least 96GB. I don’t trust 16GB will last the long term, and I buy my computers with a 7-8 year lifespan in mind. With ALL current Apple Products, there is no upgrading after the fact. If you need more of something that’s built in, you are buying a whole new Mac. 

Or to put it another way, and what you are recalling asking…

Yes, I know you don’t want to spend more than $4000 on a Mac. Yes, it’s silly. Welcome to 2024! Houses cost $500,000, new vehicles cost 50,000+ and interest rates are high. So if you want to stay with Mac, you are spending more than $4000 for something decent. Anything less and expect to be buying another computer within 3 years. 

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Thanks for your insights. You helped me on my last Mac and I've had it for almost 10 years :) In that time I've upgraded the RAM and internal hard drive to SSD. But since we can't do any of our own updates anymore to Mac, it changes things. I am ok with the 4k if I have to. But I do have one other question that is related. I like to run my laptop and desktop on the same OS and Creative Suite versions since I switch back and forth a lot.

I know I can upgrade the OS to the newest one (I think), but can my laptop handle the newest PS/LR? My laptop is:

MPB 2018, 2.3 GHz quad core Intel Core i5, 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 ram, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 MB


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13 hours ago, lbg27 said:

My laptop is:

MPB 2018, 2.3 GHz quad core Intel Core i5, 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 ram, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 MB

Short Answer: No.

Long answer, you can try, but you are really pushing it. In reality, the Photoshop CC that could work is PS CC 2020. Nothing current. No current OS, no current Photoshop...that laptop is too under-powered for any modern software. 5 years is ancient in the computer world at this point, more-so if you didn't get the better (and more expensive hardware) at the time of purchase.

Actually...don't even try. Photoshop will either not install or it will do nothing but complain and lag if it does install.

Apple is going to have an event this coming Monday. So hold off on buying anything until we see what's coming. I *think* an 27" new iMac might be in the works, but who knows? They might just release updated Mac Laptops.

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