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Dell Alienware R16 Gaming Desktop


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Trying to replace my REALLY old laptop. Contemplating getting another laptop, but want to make sure this purchase lasts a while, so I think I'm settling on a desktop instead.
Is this build OK?:


A few questions:
Is 12th Intel generation OK or should I invest in 13th or 14th?

Is the Memory I have selected OK or should I invest in the 5600MHz XMP option instead?

Storage... is Single Drive OK or should I go with the Dual Drive instead?

Thank you so much!

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If you are going to go with a i9, I’d personally go the Full Monty and get an Intel Core i9-13900K. I’d also take a look at the Dell XPS Line as well. RAM 32 is fine, 64GB is better. HD Space, you can never have “enough,” but the one thing you do not do is buy a system that only has a 500GB HD (or smaller) for the main HD. You want at least 1TB for the Main HD. So a one HD or dual HD config…doesn’t matter, just make sure you at least get a 1TB main HD. So a 2TB is a no brained for a main HD. 

But in reality, the thing I would upgrade in a computer today is the Video Card. I’d configure the absolute best video card that a Manufacturer offers for a computer. Adobe is using the Video GPUs for not only a performance gain, but for various modules and features to actually work. So if you are in the market, get the beefiest Video Card you can afford. 

To answer your question, Alienware lost its magic when Dell bought them. It’s a fancy looking case and name recognition that people are drawn to. Take a look at what you are getting, sometimes you can get a better Dell Workstation/ Business Computer with less Bloatware installed and better components. 

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Thanks so much for your reply, Brian -- I appreciate it!

I looked at Dell XPS. Here is what I came up with. Video Card is 4070 Ti with 12 GB -- Alienware has 4070 with 12GB, but no 4070 Ti. Is the "ti" part worth the extra money? Also, Alienware has Intel Core i9-13900F (not 13900K)... not sure if that makes a difference. With 64GB in RAM and 2 TB of storage, I am looking at $2,600! Alienware is cheaper but the Video Card is slightly different.




And I forgot to ask, do Chassis Options matter? Is what I have above OK?
Thank you!

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If you are just using Elements...then get whatever. LOL!! ANY of your configurations are more than fine.

Between the 13900K vs the 13900F...

The "K" is a bit faster in many areas, though it's not Earth-Shattering at this point. The "K" has a integrated video GPU that is good for when you want to use a computer as a NAS for a Plex Media Server to Transcode Video to devices, and has a bit more "Umph" overall. The "F" version consumes less power, and doesn't have a built-in GPU, and also goes up to 192GB of RAM instead of 128GB. The 13900K has been replaced by the 14900K. That's why the "F" is similar in speed results, the "K" version has been out for a few years. New Tech vs Old Tech. (Yes, 2 years is considered "Old.")

In reality, at this point there is no "Need" for a "Ti" version of anything. Photoshop 2024 will work fine with a 4070, with or without a "Ti." The Ti Versions of the cards come out later. But again, since you are using Elements...anything you buy is fine. The laptop is fine. The XPS is fine, and personally...I'd skip the Alienware, but that's just me. It's also fine. Cases do not matter much if you don't plan on dorking around with your computer, adding water cooling, fancy LED setups, etc. Some users really trick out their computers; they are much like the Hot Rods with the Fireballs on the Doors that were built in the 1950's & 1960's. How much money do you want to spend? It's a huge Rabbit Hole. :D 

Here are some Measurebator...I mean Benchmarks between the two CPUs.

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Brian, thanks again! I ended up going with the Lenovo laptop.
No questions, but thought you might appreciate this (if anything, it should provide some mild entertainment :) )

I found the receipt from my current Lenovo laptop. I was shocked to find out that it was bought in August of 2014!!!!
And here are the specs and the price.  :)
Thanks again for everything!


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