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My computer was smashed by TSA!

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I need to buy a new laptop to editing.

I travel every 3-4 days so it needs to be a laptop and I'm set on windows.

I've read through the articles and forums and I'm still having trouble finding the actual product I'm looking for. Is there possibly a way you can recommend a specific laptop and the link to where I can purchase it? I'm really desperate.

I use SSD drives so I don't store much on the computer but it does need to be able to handle culling through a thousand pictures and it can't be too heavy since I travel so much.

The old one I had was Lenovo legion gaming computer 17 inch. It was pretty good just way too heavy

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Yep, that laptop is a good one. In fact, it's been the one I've been recommending lately. Make sure you purchase it while it is on sale and before it's sold out.


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