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Does this hp lap top look OK to use with photoshop cc?

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  1. HP Laptops are JUNK and their Trackpads are terrible. A long time ago they used to be "Good," now...I just don't like them. Expect problems.
  2. While all the specs look good, there is no mention of the Display Panel Type. I needs to be a IPS screen. Trust me, IPS screens are more expensive, and the manufacture WILL point it out if it has one. "Dreamcolor" doesn't equal IPS.

Which one would I purchase? I like Lenovo's stuff, and they have A LOT of models that have IPS Displays. Here is one: Lenovo 16" Legion Pro 7i 16IRX8H Gaming Laptop (Onyx Gray). Now, that's the most expensive model in that class and you could save a little money and I'd get this one. A NVIDIA 4090 is a bit overkill for PS. A 4070 or 4080 is "fine."

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