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I’ve got my new laptop narrowed down to Lenovo or MSI… please help me make the right choice

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Questions I have are, is it better to go with an older i9 (13900) and an RTX 4080 with 2TB SSD for $3k CAD or the newer i9 (14900) and an RTX 4070 w/1TB for $2600 ? Or for $2300 the i9-13900, RTX 4070 w/1TB. Ram for each is 32GB. This is for the Lenovo Legion 7i 16” ips

The two MSIs I’m looking at (Raiders) are both basically $300 more than the Lenovos with the same specs. 







All of the above have IPS displays. I’m open to suggestions too I was just trying to follow your specs in my search. I’ve killed 2 ASUSs now so I’d like to try something different . Also do you recommend adding a second hard drive? 

Thank you for your help!


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Skip the MSI laptops. You do not need the fancy rainbow colors along the edges while editing photos. Talk about color casts.

Between all of your choices, I'd go with the Lenovo for $2999 or the alternative version of $2599. "This CPU is faster..." That's thinking from 30 years ago. Photoshop really wants a faster GPU (Graphics Card) with dedicated Video RAM. So for $400 more, you are doubling the internal HD and getting a better video card (RTX 4080.) If you can swing the $2999, go for that one.

Why that Lenovo? Because it has a IPS screen in it, which is meant for editing photos. Of course, it's not written on the website, but B&H has that same laptop model number and it does state that it's a IPS Screen and is Matte.

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Thank you! Yes I checked and all of them do have an IPS screen even though it doesn’t say. Actually some of them do say but it’s buried down further. I didn’t even think about the colour casts with the MSIs. I ended up going with the $2599 version and adding another 1TB HD to it 

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