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one-sided, 5x7 greeting card with rounded corners

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I am looking for a pro lab that print one-sided, photo greeting card with rounded edges.

All the options I'm finding for rounded corners are for two-sided cards. Hoping to avoid the two-sided prices.

Does anyone know of a lab that prints 5x7, one-sided cards with rounded corners?


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I just messaged WHCC before posting here. They don't have a one-sided card option with rounded corners. They only have a 2-sided card with rounded corners. I can use that, but I'm paying for 2-sides. I'm hoping to find a lab where I'm paying for just one side. MANY places have one-side, but not with rounded corners.

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17 hours ago, Molly B said:

Thanks for the feedback. After some digging, I found that MpixPro does one-sided, rounded cornered cards for about the same price as (on sale) Shutterfly.
Though now the customer doesn't want me to do the cards because it will be to expensive. Sigh...


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