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The only thing that sticks out like a red flag is the 128GB SSD Drive. You will need to do a "Custom" install on all software to tell it to install on the D: drive. Don't forget, you don't have 128GB to play with, after formatting it's smaller and then there is Windows, all the Windows updates and then the stupid bloatware that comes with the computer. So you might have about 100GB to play with out of the box. Of course, you could put PS on that and maybe a few other programs, but NO sessions or data files, those go on the D: drive.

Other than the 128GB SSD drive, it looks decent.

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Yes and no. I still would have a 1TB 7200 RPM HD in addition to a SSD Drive. A 512GB SSD drive is fine. That's MUCH better than 128GB.  The OS and programs go on the SSD, and things like your data files, Photoshop Scratch Disks, etc. go on the 1TB HD.

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