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Monitor - windows XP


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I would like to know if monitors nowadays will work on a Windows XP PC? Been looking online at various monitors but I cannot see any mention of operating systems. Therefore, I assume it does not matter, but on the other hand, I do not want to assume that and then buy something that doesn't work!!


It currently has an Acer AL1714 attached, which when googled gives these specs 

Product details
Size17 inch
Resolution1280 x 1024
Display typeLCD
Connector typeVGA
Viewable Size17"
I'd like something a bit bigger, around 21" or so. I want to use it alongside the original monitor, dual screen, so I can work on the bigger screen and watch tutorials on the smaller screen.
This is not for photo editing on the PC but for learning how to digitise for embroidery work... However, I would also like to hook the new monitor up to my MacBook pro for photo editing if I need to (I also have an iMac that I use for editing).
Any recommendations on a decent new monitor? Thanks
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It has to do more with your video card being able to support a larger display (or multiple displays) than with the OS. Most of the time, people don't load the monitor drivers and use the Microsoft Generic one that is built in with Windows. For your Mac Laptop, you need to have the correct cable to hook up to it, plus have enough horsepower to drive a second monitor.

Windows XP is no longer supported at all. So it doesn't surprise me that you aren't finding any mention of it. Believe it or not, Windows 7's days are numbered! It's being put out to pasture now, slowly.  On Jan 14, 2020, Windows 7 will be taken behind the proverbial barn and shot dead!! LOL!!

Here is a monitor that I recommend, especially since you have older devices:


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thank you so much for reply! i understand what you are saying about the video card. i've no idea what's in it, but will surely check!!

and that monitor you linked looks great, so thank you! i have found it for sale here in the UK, so that's a bonus!! xD


thanks again!! 

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