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 My desktop hard drive is failing and I've moved all my files to two external hard drives. I also back up everything through back blaze. My external's are older and I need a larger one. Any recommendations on a particular external drive? Its overwhelming when shopping for them? (P.S. I am running windows 7 now and will be upgrading to a new desktop soon....will all external drives be recognized when I do upgrade my computer? Should I look for something specific?

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Drives don't care what they are hooked up to, they just needed to be partitioned and formatted with the Operating System. 

The only gotcha is if you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, as it tops out at 2TB. If you want a big 3TB or larger single partition, you will need a 64-bit Operating System. 

As for which drive, what is your budget? I'm not a fan of the $79 special from a box store, the drives I typically recommend are a little expensive for some. 

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