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Where to put LR catalog?


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Hi there, 

I have a desktop with 500GB ssd drive ( where Windows OS and Programs are) and 3TB hdd drive for data.

Where do I put my Lightroom catalog for best performance? 


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Well, performance wise, a SSD Drive will be the better option, but with some drawbacks. If it were me, I'd put it on the 3TB HDD. LR Catalogs can get quite LARGE over time and if something were to go wrong, it's much easier to recover data off a traditional HD than a SSD. Also, you'd only notice a performance gain when LR is accessing the catalog, for LR to really shine, you need to have a beefy fast CPU, lots of RAM (16-32GB) and a video card with its own dedicated video memory. (2GB, preferably more.) In the grand scheme of things, when it comes to Lightroom, you really aren't worried about the speed of the HD, just everything else.

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Also, to keep LR at a performance maximum, you need to have small catalogs. Not one that contains 30,000+ images, but one for each project or have separate Personal / Business catalogs. It's when you have a giant catalog do things slow down. Plus, it seems with each new version of LR, it just gets slower and slower. All those features and "stuff" they keep adding seems to have slowed the engine driving LR down.

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