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  1. Thank you Christina. You have been very helpful!
  2. Can anyone give me insight on old photos and copyright laws? For instance a wedding photo of my folks taken in 1947, or a family photo taken by a photographer in 1966. Can I make copies for my siblings? Are these protected forever so I can not download them to a color lab for prints? I've scanned hundreds of photos and slides the family has taken, and a few photos taken by professional photographers. I'm editing some for a Powerpoint presentation for my dad's memorial service. PS I am a hobby, amateur photographer.
  3. Ohmygosh this scanner is fun to use! It has a custom preset of 1600 dpi. Should I be changing this to 1200 for slides?
  4. Oh I notice he is using Epson scan in the tutorial. He has some good tips. SilverFast SE 8 is included with my scanner. It has an anti-scratch/dust function I'm interested in, but want to do my editing in Photoshop.
  5. If anyone else is curious I hunted for a V700 and found it's been "discontinued". I really wanted to spring for the V850 but couldn't justify the extra expense since I'm not making money off this!
  6. For once I am pleased to say the weekend forecast is 90% chance of rain/snow. It will give me lots of time to hunker down, scan, & try this method!
  7. Thank you Samantha you are a lifesaver and I will sleep much better tonight.... I'm not familiar with Bridge, but so excited it will ease the process. Off to do more homework! PS I just purchased the Epson V800 photo scanner so I have that in my tool shed to assist. I was afraid to start the process but you have established a workflow for me. Thank you!
  8. Hello from NE California (Susanville). I'm a hobby photographer. My main focus is the grand kids and wildlife (isn't that one and the same...). My favorite thing is to capture a positive moment and share goodness and happiness in a mixed up world. Thank you Damien. I think I'll just wander over and pour a gin & tonic. Cheers!
  9. The burning 2AM question: how to share scanned slides? I have recently obtained over 80 boxes of slide from my mom & dad's house. (They both have Alzheimer's.) My goals are: 1) Preserve them in unedited, digital form so I can share them with siblings, grand kids, gt grand kids etc etc on USB flash drives. 2) Pick out 50 to 100 gems to edit in the future. I'm the only one in the family with Photoshop. If I share USB flash drives will others be able to view them? Should I first scan in jpeg so all can see? Would someone please hit me in the head with a hammer? Why would I even consider scanning them in jpeg, and then re-scan my favorites in Tiff or PSD? Damien's article states only Tiff or PSD. http://www.damiensymonds.net/scanning-guidelines-for-old-photo-restoration.html Has anyone ever had large batches like this they want to preserve? I considered just sharing the favorites but who am I to limit the story photos tell? I know all won't be "good photos" but i don't want to silence the voice of my parents.
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