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  1. PS help. Please

    thank you again for your help. and I just started reading the skin class. I will be looking into the sharpening class soon!
  2. PS help. Please

    ok...so while I was looking for the action. I decided to try it on a different person's photos and it worked. so it has to be something with this one lady in particular's image.
  3. PS help. Please

    i am trying to find it now.
  4. PS help. Please

    What could have caused it to just all of the sudden not work? Now in any thing it is in, including the original it runs it like that. I absolutely plan on taking that class too for myself. This is for someone else and they send me directions on how they like things done...i do them their way. I just have never ever had that happen.
  5. PS help. Please

    even if it is built into several different ones?
  6. PS help. Please

    it just seems to be one in particular.
  7. I let my child (bad freakin idea) try my computer. Came back to it to edit and now this happens when I run an action. I am super embarrassed but I have no idea what he did. I know it is a sharpening action that is doing it. This is how it comes up now but before this it sharpened a little and added some contrast.
  8. two screens.

    I quickly looked around so I hope I am not asking a question that has already been asked. I have a calibration tool...it is old and outdated (eye one-old). I was looking to purchasing a new one. i see the two you recommend. I was wondering though the one I have now seems to not calibrate both screens I use. i use two monitors and I only calibrate the one I work on. Is that what I should be doing? Or do I need to look into one that does two screens? and do either of the ones you recommend work with two screens?
  9. Say hello!

    Just saying hello! I have taken your classes before and am refreshing. I have read through classes again and am excited to apply the knowledge. 😃
  10. collage.

    https://www.etsy.com/listing/107382183/golden-retriever-dog-custom-wall-art?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=8x10 I was looking for something today in etsy and stumbled upon this. I was curious if you would have any suggestions on how to do something like this? I didn't post photos because obviously there would be LOTS involved. any ideas?