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  1. I quickly looked around so I hope I am not asking a question that has already been asked. I have a calibration is old and outdated (eye one-old). I was looking to purchasing a new one. i see the two you recommend. I was wondering though the one I have now seems to not calibrate both screens I use. i use two monitors and I only calibrate the one I work on. Is that what I should be doing? Or do I need to look into one that does two screens? and do either of the ones you recommend work with two screens?
  2. Just saying hello! I have taken your classes before and am refreshing. I have read through classes again and am excited to apply the knowledge. 😃
  3. I was looking for something today in etsy and stumbled upon this. I was curious if you would have any suggestions on how to do something like this? I didn't post photos because obviously there would be LOTS involved. any ideas?