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Gone to the farm for the weekend.  I'll still be answering questions, but much less frequently than usual.  Thank you for your understanding.  Damien.


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  1. Ok, so i did it again. This time i didn't close the blinds. Actually wasn't sure what that would achieve but i definitely got the result i needed. The grey part of the screen looks odd, however the print and screen almost match. Pretty darn close, i'd say.
  2. thanks. at least that is something. I might try recal again..... i always do it with the blinds down and the room as dark as possible for day. The window is about 3 meters from the left of the computer . screens are not facing window.
  3. Do you think my file photo not the scanned one is good colour? Then at least im on the right track
  4. Omg. I cant do that. Its my youngest daughter's bedroom now. Geepers Tell me what new screen to purchase and i'll get 2.
  5. yes that is correct. The photo is what i want, the scan (or physical photo) is too cool. I cant go any cooler or any lower in brightness in the settings to actually match it.
  6. i scanned the print that i am comparing. I dont know if that helps. What do you see? Is the file too warm to you ? this is printed on my pro printer Canon Pro10s
  7. yes but it is way worse. Its my second that i put all my menus on. Never been able to calibrate it right
  8. Good morning To me the Warm & Standard look way too warm. Cool looks just right on screen ( and i definitely like a little warmer) . Just so you know it was set to Standard and it was within 100 or so points from 6500. now the cool is almost 1000 points off
  9. My notifications must be turned off, sorry. i try edit in the same time slots during the day for a editing session. Either in the evenings until the session is finished or during the day but never both for one session. Nope, the room is only a couple of windows down the house on the same side. Other than the physical size (=light absorption) its bright and lovely too. All the settings are very warm, well compared to my prints obviously. The screen looks lovely with the cool setting but the prints are still cooler. Nope i haven't dropped it that i am aware of. i even store it in its box and packaging still. I didn't have to tweak it much at all in the other room. I was stoked that it was pretty close to what you suggested in the post. But this time its silly different as you can clearly see
  10. Its on the same side of the house. The room is much bigger bit the window is also. Id say a bit darker but similar colour
  11. Hey Just wondering..... I moved my office into another room and i thought i better recal.... Last time the settings were close to all of the numbers suggested but this time they are crazy different and there's not really room to move. I don't know what to do. Warm: 3612 Standard: 4419 Cool: 5044 (Still too warm) last time i got within the 100 from 6500k (it was a while ago but). is it possible to have changed so much just moving offices? I have re run it 5 times... and to match the brightness i have to have it at zero and it's still too bright compared to my prints My monitor is Hp E241i
  12. i thought, for at least this one, that i was ok.
  13. This is after some layers and masks
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