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  1. i thought, for at least this one, that i was ok.
  2. This is after some layers and masks
  3. This is the photo i was asking about.
  4. Howdy, do i recall seeing an article or tutorial on fixing bulging boobs or back fat out of dresses. can someone please point me in the right direction to the link
  5. Hi. I reckon they've changed papers or something. The 2nd prints came back the same. The 2 sets of prints had a paper brand on back and tgey never have before. He said it had corrections done but i don't think so. I brought a canon pro10s printer myself. And the print came out perfect.
  6. Nope but i will tomorrow. Just thought id ask you first. i didn;t want to have it re printed and it look the same if it was at my end. Thanks
  7. Please tell me what you see??? My print came back extremely high contrast. HOT spots on belly gallore!! I dont see that on the computer and its the 1st prints to come back totally crap. on my comp it is nice and subtle
  8. I finished it off and sent through the order. I am going to try what you did, for interest sake but i thought it may be a littlt too fake for this pic.
  9. do you think it looks too mottled?
  10. This one has blur at 20 the previous one is at 7.5
  11. thats interesting anyway. Thanks
  12. ok thanks it's not too bad is it then?
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