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  1. Ok, I"ll post again once I have done that. Thanks!
  2. Hi Damien! I would love to make a silhouette like this for each of my boys. I tried following an online tutorial but it just didn't look right. I would like to be able to print an 8x10 of each boy plus put them in a locket (approximately 1 inch). This is similar to what I would like to accomplish: These were the two images (sooc) I was going to try it with. If these won't work I can reshoot. Is this something you could help me with? Thanks!
  3. Is this passable? The focus is falling off on the farthest away eye but I would like to make it work if possible. 1.8 1/500 ISO 800
  4. Thanks! I’ll work on it and post in the forum!
  5. Is this salvageable? It's so hazy but I like the expressions. shot details: f/4.0 1/800 iso 320
  6. Would it be possible to update the link again on this file? I would like to try it! Thanks in advance.
  7. TracyB

    Alice - Armour

    That's what I figured...thanks for confirming!
  8. Keep or toss? Shutter speed was too low... ISO 800 1/100 sec f/ 1.8 105mm
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