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I'll be away for most of Thursday (Aussie time) (approx Wednesday evening USA time). So sorry about the short notice.  I'll catch up on all posts when I get back.  Damien.


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  1. Also, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Bamboo driver. No difference. Thanks!
  2. Hi. I am trying to learn clone stamp and healing brush tools to remove stray hairs. When zoomed in and tracing a hair with either a clone stamp or a healing tool, the image often jumps mostly off the screen so that I only see a small portion of it. I then zoom all the way out to get the image entirely visible and zoom in again, but this problem is making using these tools almost impossible. I cannot be certain of this, but I think it has to do with the tablet settings, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out. Am grateful for any direction you can offer. Many thanks. msn Toshiba Satellite S75B RAM: 16 GB 64 bit OS Pen and touch: Pen support Windows 10, Home, v. 1709, OS Build 16299.371 Wacom Bamboo tablet, model CTH-460 (it's an older one)
  3. Thank you! Shoot is still in the future, but I know I am going to want your help. Let me know if you want me to handle something differently for these shots.
  4. So this would preclude me posting shots from a boudoir session, right?
  5. I would love to see this file if it is still available and not a hassle to reload. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you, Damien! I totally get it and appreciate your candor, as always. Cheers from Texas!
  7. Okay, back to this. You asked for a couple of example images, and I am giving you those that I have been working on with you today. For the regatta I photographed this weekend, I have selected around 300 images I want to provide in a relatively short time frame. It's my hope that I can apply some standard full-image edits that will give them enough polish and oomph that people will be pop them straight into their social media accounts (and possibly order a print from me). For the attached images, I added a levels layer with either an overlay or soft light blending mode set at somewhere between 15-30 percent. I know they are not anything close to the quality of a fully edited image with levels work, but I guess I am just wanting to provide what I hear bounced around as a "clean edit" or something along those lines. I am also trying to research how people who photograph large events for a living manage their images. (Perhaps they simply shoot and release their JPGs?) I would be so grateful for any insight you might have to offer on this process. With thanks, msn
  8. Alright, I'm in. It does seem like a good deal. Thanks, Damien!
  9. My screen is only three or four years old. I bought it based on your recommendations I found on your website. It's the NEC MultiSync EA 234WMi, an IPS screen. That was not the response I expected, Damien. Now I will seriously consider getting the new calibrator. Thanks!
  10. I think my trusty old Sypder3 is still working fine, but with this offer, I could upgrade to the Spyder5Elite for $139. Does the Spyder5Elite offer significant enough advantages over the older technology that I should take advantage of the offer while my Spyder3 is still doing its job? I know the Spider3 will eventually fail, but I would rather spend that money on prints and kick the purchase of a new calibrator down the road if I can reasonably do so. Thanks, msn https://info.datacolor.com/acton/media/5553/switch-to-spyder5eliteplus?utm_source=other&utm_campaign=NSA-US-IMS-Online-Demand-Gen-Crossgrade-Promo-Spyder-Homepage-Web-Banner&utm_medium=Online+Demand+Gen
  11. Yes, this is something I am very, very interested in getting nailed down and I want your insights. Please bear with me as I have just too many balls in the air right now. Thanks for checking in on this. Looking forward to your feedback on my approach.
  12. msn

    tongue fix

    Yes, sorry, got a ton of balls in the air right now. Honestly, this may be a moot point and I am going to move forward with some other projects. Thanks for checking in on this and sorry for being flacky on it.
  13. msn

    tongue fix

    Would appreciate any direction you might have on if/how I can fix this tongue thing. This is a tender moment among these women, but holy cow, that tongue sticking out is all I see. Wouldn't give it a second thought if it was a kiddo, but this poor mom is going to be mortified. Thanks either way. msn
  14. Hi, Damien, Wondering if you have any suggestions/guidelines on how to approach editing several hundred images for sporting events in a short time frame. These are basically courtesy photos. It's not feasible to give 800 images a full levels edit within optimal turn-around time. In the past, I have spent days photographing events, and then days sorting and editing (admittedly badly), but that's simply not a sustainable model. I dig your action for creating web-ready images with my signature and borders. So I am kind of thinking doing my raw edits in groups of 15 or so, opening them in PS, possibly adding some midtone contrast, and then running your action. Would love to hear any thoughts or advice you have on the optimal intersection of speed and quality for these images. Of course, if anyone wants to purchase a print, I would provide a more carefully edited file. Does this sound reasonable approach? What could improve this process? Thanks for your perspective. Cheers, msn
  15. Thank you for your direction, Damien. I'm grateful. : )
  16. Oh my gosh. What a huge improvement. What do you think??
  17. Water has a very unpleasant greyness about it. Any direction appreciated. Many thanks, Damien! I feel like I am missing something here. I cannot load either a raw or a psd file. Will a jpg do?
  18. Excited about this new forum. Looking good so far. Nice move, Damien. Thanks for all your guidance. You rock. I am an amateur working toward paying gigs. Will never be a full-time photographer, but am quite serious about being very, very good amateur/semi-pro. Will feel like I am closer to my goals once I can devote more time to Damien's classes and feedback. Cheers from Denton, Texas!
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