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  1. HollyJo

    C Ladder

    Please say I can scrape by with this one. I did a dumb, dumb thing and didn't have my shutter speed quite high enough for my long lens I switched to.
  2. I struggled with this portrait orientation cropping for an hour last night too. It has only happened to me in the last week or so. The photos load super small and extremely grainy on FB. What ultimately worked for me was going back to the original master file, redoing the crop, and then for saving I went to File>Export>Save For Web and resized to 2048 on the long side there and reduced the quality to get it under <1M. When I went to Image>Image Size to resize and Save For Web afterwards I was getting the terribly pixelated images. I don't understand why it worked differently but I did get different results.
  3. I saw a tutorial that created a solid color layer with a warm peachy tone, changed the blend mode to multiply and inverted the mask, and then painted it on the background to enhance the warm areas with a lowish opacity brush to create a similar effect to the one you posted.
  4. Apologies for that. I was rushing.
  5. Wow, thanks for breaking it down for me. I'm going to leave as is for now and perhaps come back to it some other day when I have more time to dedicate to experimenting.
  6. Thanks for helping with this one.
  7. Each photo had a custom white balance and I compared to the headband I have in hand to get the closest match. All I can say to that is I did my best on the WB to get it right. So, to answer my question, I guess that's a no?
  8. I'm putting all these pictures together in a collage frame and am wondering if it's possible to make the last two look a little more consistent with the first two? The first two photos in this post were from the end of the session when the sun was lower in the sky. Is it possible to create that same warm look for the last two? Thank you.
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