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The Bridge Class is here!  At only $10, the most amazing value class ever.  Whether you're new to Bridge, or an old hand, you'll love this class.


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  1. Say hello!

    Been more than 6 months now. Forgot to say hello Great learning in past 6 months. Damien is 4th Best Aussie in the books now. (Glen McGrath being first, Entire Wallabies squad being second. @Sue Morris is 3rd for nominating Damien as go to guy to learn editing) . In full agreement with Damien for the disagreement with Tea I'd say .. i'll find whats available in my cabinet.. Stella Artois- Glenmorangie- JW Blue ... something must be in stock .. Cheers
  2. resize for web confirmation

    960 ? To be on the safer side ?
  3. resize for web confirmation

    nope. Not profile pic.. In general album to showcase my work. I do not know specifications to that.
  4. Hey Damien, I'm in the last stages of workflow and preparing my files to be uploaded for facebook/instagram. I was referring to save for web action. In the Variable water mark, getting ready step, there is mention of .. "If you’ve never even resized a photo for web before, that’s pretty serious. Please visit me at Ask Damien so I can help you out with that.".. I never resized for web.. (plainly uploaded images sadly..).. but .. In the Layers and mask class, there is link for crop/resize tutorial ... That is all or there is something else? May be i'm getting confused but just want to verify.. I want to post image to facebook which allows 720 x 720 px. My cameras aspect ratio (and hence if i don't want to crop anything) .. is 3: 2 (W:H) Hence.. i want to enter 720 px as width and 480px as hight.. and then i'm done with resize part correct ?
  5. Steps i believe come at the end of workflow. 1. Auto Transform to correct the level of pictures. 2. Add grain (or noise to get slight film feel). 3.Crop 4. Post crop Vignetting 5. Export all files of an event (20-30) pictures at once as JPEG. There could be details provided if there is video/link out there for these, appreciate if you provide those links to me. I know i'm yet to finish classes but if any of these are covered in specific class, i'd take that one first. Thanks as always.
  6. I'm looking for some help. i'm pretty sure i'm not first to ask this question. I'd very set workflow for Lightroom/Photoshop and after doing Damiens classes .. i'm pretty clear with lightroom's shortcomings. However replacing that with software you are using for first time (Bridge) is totally different thing. Damien provided link to me .. for use of bridge and that really helps ... but i use light room for few other things and i was wondering if someone can help me replacing my workflow (with those minor steps, detailed steps ..). that will be great help. Can you please let me know what i've to do to get this? Please note i'm not taking deluxe class because i'm waiting for monitor calibrator to arrive. I've found lot of articles on this site (which were available for free) and they helped me a lot. I've donated small money (unto my capacity) as Token of appreciation. If you will allow me to put details of my entire workflow (which may have some stupid steps and light room use) and help me get that flow streamlined, i'd be more than happy to make donation .