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  1. I love low key lighting. Rembrant short or whatever others call it. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/736127501573728644/ In fact, one picture that pushed me for signing up classes with you was that kind of picture, https://www.damiensymonds.net/trainingrawgallery.html (17/22 Lorena Jean photography) I'm completely on board (no shade of doubt) that we need to have clean edited photograph first before going artistic but given nature of low key .. given that most of the frame has no business but give up to dark black in final composition, is there any point going to recover hairs in the background ? (referring to Attempt at Short Light -1) i often take camera in hand by intention to shoot this low key.. for cases like these, i'm pretty sure and clear and certain that i've no interest in hairs or separation of those hairs from the background.. For cases like those, i can make editing much efficient by losing them in raw editing in first place which i believe would go against established workflow from flow chart, or not worrying and debating about separation of hairs from the background. Your input matter to me and i've learned a TON !! We can name this as RRE for Rahul's Rubbish Editing but can you please provide me input for taking pictures on that direction as such. I'm thinking about preparing portfolio and making a section of low key portraits in it. But don't want to proceed on that direction if you advice against it. would you continue providing inputs on these RRE pictures ?
  2. Sure thing. and i should have done this research before the shoot (Late wisdom .. how brilliant of me..) but i was jumped on .. and had to start shoot in like few hours notice. But in general .. i never feel my pictures are polished enough .. or finished enough .. may be that is just perception but .. i'd like to shoot anything like below. These are individual ones. https://www.instagram.com/p/BlryPbqgeTf/ (Really liked this one. ) https://www.missielafrenzphotography.com/newborngallery https://www.pinterest.com/pin/254101603957323899/ (Completely PS i think but i guess one can sell this for money.) http://www.lennonphotographyonline.com/maternity/5ldfs6vcr4n812h1drhrv70a8mz567 (This one has weird added grain .. which i'll never do but colors are cool) https://www.sarahormiston.com/maternity (Any of of these).
  3. I'm going through my pictures and trying to figure out .. why i'm missing the wow factor .. I've long way to go in posing .. also i'm hesitant to add drama in editing .. apart from obvious, i was trying to find .. if there is anything i'm doing wrong while taking pictures. While looking at pictures below.. i think aperture i chose was not right. I went f/6.3. that resulted in background not being enough blurred (or lets say bokeh) Shah maternity shoot 1 shah maternity shoot - 2 shah maternity shoot - 3 For a while (when i was in auto mode) i was missing focus. Probably there i made choice to go f/6.3 or more to safer side .. i think that is one of reason pictures have more background and no bokeh. Could use input on this one .. Don't know if i should improve I'm camera stuff as well .. or just missing additional post processing steps to add wow factor to pictures. could use inputs to take next step. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you Very Much @Falon and Thanks as always @Damien Symonds !!
  5. Hey Damien, Big fan of composites for making those images larger than life. I see one fellow member falon doing this kind of work a lot (Latest example being Ava Unicorn) . I want to do that kind of stuff for my little one. Something like .. where to get those cool backdrops or images for the composite .. If there are any tutorials to follow or the classes i can do to get me started with it? You have some tutorials or input you can provide me ? Is there any way i can contact that member ? or if at all its ok to contact member ? appreciate if you can get me into this dreamy world of composites.
  6. AWESOME !!!!!!!!! Let me try .. don't know if i can pull this thing off like you did.
  7. yup. in the fog. Is there any way to make fog thicker ? I doubt i would get thicker fog than that in chicago till next year.
  8. There are certain obvious editing flaws in this picture. But still, i want to achieve this look. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/sailboats-sit-calmly-on-misty-lake-433419640 I've picture not exactly like this but i've few different angles and orientations + i can crop.
  9. Hi Damien, I Could use some pointers. I used save for web action for which i had separate set configured for Instagram which would limit size to 1024x 1024 at max. That action used to work fine for more than year. I guess recent upgrade resulted in some changes? I tried to troubleshoot and found that canvas size step is where things going wrong. Somehow my watermark is coming up by size 1215x271 and somehow that worked fine for earlier images. (which makes no sense as for Instagram i'm defining max size in 1024 px. and watermark size is coming as 1215 px. ) Now at that step, photoshop is "increasing horizontal size of vertical picture by adding blank space". I revisited steps and saw .. in example, your watermark length is coming around 200px .. what am i missing here? how come my watermark (which is nothing but "@Rahul Lele" is resulting in 1215x271 ? Appreciate your input here. attaching example of "increasing horizontal size of vertical picture by adding blank space"
  10. Focus check please. i think the frame is in focus but not sure about the eye. Not sure if this is keeper.
  11. Hi Damien, I'm using bridge for more than year for now, but this is one thing i miss from lightroom, (A Lot) . Can you please help me with "How to do it in Bridge ?" I often to retrospective, before i delete pictures, i look at them on summary basis. Lightroom helps me achieve this, However I can't do this in bridge effectively. Here is screenshot from Lightroom. I can check my keeper images across, various levels like .. how many keepers for a lens .. for a Setting more than ISO 4000 or f stop. This kind of helps me identifying areas i need to work on while taking pictures. Somehow .. when i try to do that in bridge, count doesn't update. In case of 7 files, it doesn't matter much, i can calculate and manually keep track. But for my 50 mm there are total 168 images, Lightroom gives me report in few clicks. 24 one star - Blurred, off focus, beyond argument, delete now. 44 two stars - argument can be made but delete.. 81 three star - group that will go into 4 or 5 stars. 19 four star - candidates for five stars. clearly above rest of the set. I simply can't get this out of bridge, is there simple thing i'm missing ?
  12. Brush tool is behaving funny i guess ? on PSD file, it works fine .. absolutely fine. If i'll try something on JPEG ( No good reason to do it, i was just wanted to compare edited file against Out of Camera, wanted to increase brightness of JPEG at selective portion.) it started giving me this .. Only rim will be selected response. Screen shot attached. when i came out of quick mask, only green portion was selected. Any clue ?
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  17. In that case, we'll lose those pixel rest of the way ? wouldn't that be loss ... i mean .. since this is for saving JPEG for web .. .. this is going to be save as thing and i guess thats why it's ok ?
  18. Figured it out. There is setting buried in .. "Show cropped Area". Every time there is update, Adobe takes liberty to update few settings for you 🙄 I checked it ... Now i can see picture like i used to see earlier and (for me) it makes much easier to crop image to my liking. I still see those crazy color blocks above in picture once in while but I guess its about my laptops processing power or cache capacity. Thank you for those steps.
  19. It is not going well. Since this was taking long time, i kept it on the side. (for a long long time. ). All steps are coming well except for Crop step. I want to manually decide crop. When i come to that step, all screen go to black and some color strips like it used to come on very old television sets.) when i try to change crop it goes all crazier. Attaching screenshots. This step is killing me. I got all steps in my workflow settled and once this step is done, i'll be able to start posting my pictures to facebook and instagram. Can you please help ? Probably not related to this or may be thats the issue, any Crop tool update in photoshop CC ? I don't know if its just me but earlier when i used to draw crop, i could move image or crop just fine, now ... its so annoying .. that i'm thinking to use light room just for the crop feature given how easy it is there and how painful this crop is turning out to be.
  20. 20 % Too much faith in Tamron's Image stabilization and 80 % Overconfidence (That i'll get away with this) .. thats what killed this entire photoshoot for me. Lesson learned (pretty hard way !!). Thinking about it .. i should have just revisited .. what i was doing in terms of overall settings. .. i was very nervous that day .. got carried away .. looking at just histogram .. thinking exposure is good. .. Thank you for input though. I won't repeat this mistake again.
  21. Focus check please.
  22. I apologize in advance for intruding in question opened by Mary here, and probably this is stupid question but @Brian.. Aperture value is supposed to be for lens opening right ? (I don't know .. i'm still on single on camera flash ) but this different f stops for light got me confused. What am i missing here? even if you have 2 lights, you are going to have single lens .. and i'm totally confused as how can you have f/11 and f/8 ? or are you saying f/11 & f/8 in terms of stop from exposure/light perspective .. so you mean .. have main light on lesser stop and increase light stop on second light ? Sorry for confusion.. But i'm trying to figure out getting flash off camera .. and adding another flash and i'm not getting this point hence i'm raising this question.
  23. yeah i don't know what was going through my head at that time. I put ISO 800 and went to reduce shutter till 1/60th .. could have easily gone for more ISO value and kept beautiful expression... lesson learned !!
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