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We're celebrating Christmas a week early with Lara's family.  So I'll be turning off posting in the classes from Monday morning to Wednesday evening next week (17th-19th) (approx Sunday evening to Wednesday morning USA time).  I look forward to seeing your photos in class for the rest of this week, and over the weekend, as usual.


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  1. If you google "Fog Overlay" there's tons of free options you can use. Would you mind if I tried a couple and reposted here?
  2. SManazis

    Possible to fix a see-through shirt?

    Im just browsing around....got curious about this. Educational purposes. I don't have an image with this issue.
  3. SManazis

    Possible to fix a see-through shirt?

    Damien, the PSD is no longer available. Any input on the method here?
  4. SManazis

    Question about files

    you're a gentleman and a scholar.
  5. SManazis

    Question about files

    I said most, not all....
  6. SManazis

    Question about files

    Oh boy...I went through that class twice...but I'm honestly drawing a blank. I remember really liking it, and being familiar with most of the methods/concepts...
  7. SManazis

    Question about files

    I'm not 100% on how just changing the Blending mode on a Levels layer that hasn't been adjusted causes a change though.
  8. SManazis

    Question about files

    Thanks. There was one that had a Levels layer on the whole picture (no mask), in Soft Light blending mode, but no adjustments made that was baffling me.
  9. If we have questions about certain layers in one of these can we ask here? I find that there's sometimes a Levels layer, and when I click to see what adjustments have been made, I can't seem to figure it out.
  10. SManazis

    Vintage look

    I know this is an old topic, but I was just curious, for my own learning purposes... Could you have maybe masked the car and made it a tad lighter then raised the saturation on it, and then another on all the red things (bowtie, suspender, wall) and done the same thing and THEN applied the process Damien provided?
  11. SManazis

    Editing Cold Scene

    Roger that.
  12. SManazis

    Editing Cold Scene

    If you're going for a colder feel in a photo, should you go with a cooler WB setting in RAW, or do the raw edits to the true tones and then deal with cooling it down in PS?
  13. SManazis

    The Editing process

    Thanks for your reply.
  14. SManazis

    Make the couple POP

    ...your clients will thank you.
  15. I'm not a pro, by any stretch. I got into photography about 5-6 years ago and never really had the time to dive in so I've been slow moving. I'll take 200 pictures, I'll like about 10 of them, then edit them over the course of a few nights as spare time allows. I was wondering how the editing workflow works for some pro's who have 1-2 sessions a week. 40-100 photos to edit, etc. How long is spent on each picture? Is it better to do all the raw work at once, then PS each one from there? Or Raw -> PS-> Export in that order for each photo?