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  1. All good I've worked it out
  2. Im having trouble subtracting the lines in this crown template. Can you see what I'm doing wrong please
  3. Falon

    H Crawling

    What do you think?
  4. Falon

    H Crawling

  5. Falon

    H Crawling

    Is this better? Id like to create a magic looking trail near the santa but I'm not sure if its working for me. Do you know how to make that glowy glitter look?
  6. Falon

    H Crawling

    Sorry i should have posted this
  7. Falon

    H Crawling

    Is was up in the air as he was going to place it down do you think more shadows?
  8. Falon

    H Crawling

    Hows the shadows so far?
  9. Before i start Levels work is this ok. Is baby a good size?
  10. No she said she sends it to the people who make the brochure and they do it all
  11. ok so there no way of stopping them from being able to print it big
  12. Hi Damien I have a lady wanting a landscape photo for a tourism brochure. Do you know how I can resize and sharpen this to send to her so she can use it in the brochure without being able to do anything else with it.
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