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  1. Falon

    Canon camera body

    That’s ok I did think he may have been on holidays all good I can wait, was checking he didn’t miss my reply. Thank you for letting me know ☺️
  2. Falon

    Canon camera body

    @Brian just checking you haven’t missed this
  3. Falon

    Canon camera body

    These are my lens EF 24-105 EF 70-200 EF 50 EF 100 EFS 10-22 which I’m aware wont work on a full frame camera which I’m all good about. Budget maybe around the $3000 mark. I’m not really sure I just need it to be good.
  4. Hi Brian I’m looking at purchasing a new canon camera body. My canon 7D has focus issues. It’s so hit and miss and driving me nuts, so before I send it away I was hoping to purchase a new body so then I have got a spare. Can you recommend a few good ones I can look into.
  5. Ok I will do I’m a bit scared to fine tune it
  6. Yes same prints. I have noticed it every time I calibrated but it’s only on one of the images the other two is very slight. Not sure if I should just leave it or not. I have just had a canvas print done and also compared it to my screen and it seems to match fine
  7. Hi Damien, I have calibrated my screen again and I find that my prints are slightly magenta I notice it in one of my prints on the skin tones but the other two not as bad. Should I fine tune it?
  8. I’m on version is El Capitan 10.11.6. To be able to install the new ps it wants me to update my computer. I am currently using ps cs6. I have a calibrator which is the spyder 5 elite. I don’t have much HD space only 77.4 gb 😕 and it’s a 2011 iMac.
  9. Hey Brian I am wanting to upgrade to the new photoshop but it wants me to update my mac to be able to install it. I remember reading something a while ago that we should hold off from updating. Is it safe to update it or is it going to cause me problems?
  10. Hey Damien, I was just reading your 'Best practise for web photos' article and point number 6 where you suggest to change the quality to 70%, in the save for web dialog box. When I do this it resizes the image again is this ok or should I leave it at 100%
  11. This is what I got once I uploaded to the site then i saved as a download
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