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  1. Awesome thank you will have a play with this thank you
  2. And this one https://www.designcuts.com/product/magic-wand-overlays/
  3. https://www.gardenbabiesfairyart.com/fairy?lightbox=dataItem-j8zse4ht https://www.gardenbabiesfairyart.com/fairy?lightbox=dataItem-ipqwuoss1
  4. I will find some shortly
  5. Hey Damien, Can you help me create my own glowing fire flies and also my own magic overlays so i don't need to buy them. I'm guessing they are both similar to create. I want them to create that glowing look and add a bit of magic to a image
  6. Falon

    Focus check Jumping

    awesome thank you its just my girl so doesn't matter too much but I didn't want them to be no good
  7. RGB digital said they can’t provide a print profile because it changes every day due to being chemistry based printers.
  8. It’s not bright green tho I will try that and see. There is slight difference in skin but not much
  9. No they arnt warm they are a bit cooler then my screen I can notice it in the trees and grass
  10. No it’s printed on 300gsm premium cardstock
  11. Hey Damien my prints aren’t matching my screen I find the screen is a bit cool compared to my prints. I have a spyder5. I also ordered some Christmas cards and they are too warm def in the skin tones this is what made me think something is wrong and know I can’t get it right
  12. Falon

    Will this work?

    I got it on Etsy sorry tried to pm you but didn’t know how