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  1. No she said she sends it to the people who make the brochure and they do it all
  2. ok so there no way of stopping them from being able to print it big
  3. Hi Damien I have a lady wanting a landscape photo for a tourism brochure. Do you know how I can resize and sharpen this to send to her so she can use it in the brochure without being able to do anything else with it.
  4. Awesome thank you will have a play with this thank you
  5. And this one https://www.designcuts.com/product/magic-wand-overlays/
  6. https://www.gardenbabiesfairyart.com/fairy?lightbox=dataItem-j8zse4ht https://www.gardenbabiesfairyart.com/fairy?lightbox=dataItem-ipqwuoss1
  7. Hey Damien, Can you help me create my own glowing fire flies and also my own magic overlays so i don't need to buy them. I'm guessing they are both similar to create. I want them to create that glowing look and add a bit of magic to a image
  8. awesome thank you its just my girl so doesn't matter too much but I didn't want them to be no good
  9. RGB digital said they can’t provide a print profile because it changes every day due to being chemistry based printers.
  10. It’s not bright green tho I will try that and see. There is slight difference in skin but not much
  11. No they arnt warm they are a bit cooler then my screen I can notice it in the trees and grass
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