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  1. Haha sorry I did end up finding it thank you
  2. Hey Brian I am purchasing a new Mac can you please let me know the specs and everything else I need to know before purchasing. I cant seem to find them.
  3. Oh gosh my camera doesn’t have a flash I only have an external flash which I haven’t used with my new camera yet 😬
  4. Hey Damien not sure if you can help me here. But I have graduation photos coming up and need to do them at 2pm. There aren’t many locations with full shade in our small town. Can you give me any tips to make my editing process easier. So they aren’t horribly blown out. I’m a little scared for this session as I try and avoid harsh light.
  5. Just wanted to double check it is fine for me to delete the cr2 files once converted to Dng. I am hoping to get a new computer soon so should I keep the cr2 or is that unnecessary
  6. To get me out of trouble for the meantime will it work if my husband tries to convert them to DNG on his windows computer and then I can take them back to my Mac?
  7. Brian is there a way to update to high sierra on my mac? With my new 5D iv I can't view the cr2 files but also can't convert them using the adobes convert to dng as I need to have at least 10.13 or later
  8. When I go to update software it takes me to this
  9. Won't it take me to catalina if i update?
  10. When I say install. Its comes up with this?
  11. Omg Brian says I shouldn't update my photoshop because then my mac has to be updated which he doesn't think it will support catalina.
  12. Hey Damien with my new camera I have a problem. Adobe raw won't let me view the raw files. This is the link. https://helpx.adobe.com/camera-raw/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html#canon_note
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