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  1. I was back over at her house tonight. She confirmed I shot with the lights off. I do understand flash photography but was trying to shut out the ambient backlight in this case to create a different look. I chose upping the SS whereas I should have chosen aperture instead. Per another group, they said the lines were due to the way I had the shutter set. I have now changed it to mechanical shutter. I agree, I shouldn't have used that high of SS, but I had never seen that before. The light is fine. I was using my AD200 which is fine for indoors. It did great on the normal photos where I wasn't trying to block the backlight. Thanks for the explanation and I will check out the videos.
  2. I don't even know if I Had the lights on in the room. I honestly don't think I did. If that was the case, wouldn't I see it in all the photos though? The other photos with more ambient light did not have this issue. With a SS that fast, wouldn't it block the ambient from them anyway?
  3. In photo groups I was able to determine my new camera was somehow set to electronic shutter. I have updated it to manual. Any other feedback you may have to avoid something like this again or do you agree?
  4. THis is a new mirrorless camera. I never have had this issue before. I assume I had HSS on b/c I didn't see the halfway line with my pics. Is there a limit to how high your SS can be with flash? I was trying to block out the window light.
  5. Fbook is pulling this date... the date I created the jpeg.
  6. If I go in bridge, it looks like I can edit the capture time. However, it doesn't save.
  7. When I am editing in bulk, I save images this way. I want to be able to upload to facebook with their original date. In the past, I had no issues. Now, facebook sees the date as the date the jpeg was saved. Both the creation date and modification date is shown below on a jpeg. I am not sure if I changed something with the way I save files or if Fbook changed. I just can't individually change the date on every pic once they are uploaded. Suggestions?
  8. Figured it out..... somehow the airbrush tool was clicked and it made the keyboard adjust to flow. I don't even know what it is used for....but the icon to the far right was clicked.
  9. Normally, I use my keyboard numbers to reduce brush opacity. For some reason, it is changing the FLOW instead of opacity.
  10. I edit with the lights on..... but feel I need to stock up on lamps for this room. My friend was saying she took classes and you are not supposed to edit in a bright room but I thought you had told me otherwise. No worries, I edit this way but want to go even brighter. Enjoy your family time! I will try and leave you alone some.....
  11. Do you have it bright when you edit too or just when you compare prints
  12. Okay - I have a lamp on and windows open and I can go brighter with my screen. It is odd that you make a room so bright when peoples house's don't look this bright. What watt bulbs do you use.... I have a chandelier with 5 and I feel like I need to go get some higher power if this is what is needed.
  13. Not going to lie... I haven't been keeping up with calibration. I have called the company to discuss it too. I am going to dig up some older prints tomorrow when I bring the lamp down and see. I may also ask them to reprint a few to confirm.
  14. I haven't done much with anything over the last year due to Zach being gone and the broken foot. I just got a print order back and wasn't happy with how they looked. So I then went in freak out mode b/c I have sessions to deliver.
  15. I guess I will bring a lamp down here tomorrow to try and add to the light. I am beyond frustrated...... I can't really open the windows b/c they are behind my computer and it doesn't work well to see the prints that way either. I just know I edited a lot today and now my pics don't look like what I thought....
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