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  1. focus check

    My flash/strobe settings aren't like that, but some light meters tell you to set the flashes according to f-stops. Mine is based on power levels.
  2. Kaleb plaid smile

    Heck no. This is new. 5dMarkiv. I’ll keep sending it back until they get it right or replace.
  3. I am wondering if this could work on the pic I am currently working on. Is the PSD still around?
  4. Kaleb plaid smile

    My camera is currently at the shop due to focus issues with the outer focal points. This will be my 3rd time sending it in.....
  5. Kaleb plaid smile

    What can I improve? Is the WB off? I realize I used the sheet but I think I used it without flash (b/c I took a few natural light pics too) I ended up in the wrong section for posting again... SO sorry
  6. focus check

    Yeah, I use a huge PLM to help with even lighting too. I was trying to blur out the texture of the BG a little b/c it is an outdoor mat. Normally I try to shoot studio around 6.3 or so and don't tend to have issues. But I don't shoot kids this small often so I probably was closer than normal, reducing my DOF.
  7. focus check

    Very true... I may need to shoot at f8-f11 for kiddos to help with this. Thanks for the tip.
  8. focus check

    I was at 5.6 at 39mm.... I think I may have just slightly missed focus b/c I would think the DOF was deep enough (but then again I didn't calculate it)
  9. focus check

    This is in focus, right? I am struggling b/c my monitor is large and I think I am pixel peeping. No edit yet
  10. Maggie Focus

    Considering they charge for calibration, it should be better than this. It's going back.
  11. Maggie Focus

    I have not edited this but want your opinion. I feel my camera's focus is off. I know this is "passable" but I have come to expect TACK sharp images. Do you agree that her shoulder is more in focus than her eye? Focus was set on eye and confirmed by Canon. They look at the image at 50% though and he thought it was acceptable. This is SOOR with exposure adjustment to save highlights. I didn't want to up the luminance so you could see sharpness better. Am I crazy?
  12. To confirm though... If I do use image processing to save a jpeg or psd, it saves a copy of the image exactly as it is right then (example, if I have applied sharpening, etc)