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  1. Mary Burgy

    Kaleb plaid smile

    It's the new one. I am sending my camera back again. It is inconsistent in its focusing. It may need a new auto focus assembly... or something like that.
  2. Mary Burgy


    What base do you use it with. That’s the part that gave me issues. Mine had a weird twist method of extending and it wasn’t fast enough for me.
  3. Mary Burgy


    I do have one but am not good/fast with the up and down of it so only use it when I know I am not moving much. I may need to look into a different one.
  4. Mary Burgy


    I use my 24-70 in studio. I think my SS needed to be higher. The 70-200 is a heavy lens and I shake. I shot these all at 1/400 and felt something was slightly off. I practiced the next day at 1/500 and felt they were better.
  5. Mary Burgy


    Well that makes me feel better. I guess I am just use to seeing "studio" sharp and it isn't quite the same.
  6. Mary Burgy


    I thought these were sharp but then I posted them to facebook and am not sure....They aren't as "crisp" as my normal. If not, did I do something wrong?
  7. Mary Burgy


    Am I imagining that she is sharp and he isn't in all of these? There is no way he moved in every pic. I tried focus and recompose though and am wondering if somehow that contributed. I just don't know why one would be sharp and one not.
  8. Mary Burgy


    This one is f4
  9. Mary Burgy


    also at 3.5
  10. Mary Burgy


    It seems everyone of this series though... he is soft, she is sharp. Can I use it still?
  11. Mary Burgy

    Pond 1

    Really? I was stressing the focus on these badly!
  12. Mary Burgy


    SOOC... will it pass?
  13. Mary Burgy

    Pond 2

    Noise removal and sharpening should help? I need one with reflection and one just closer
  14. Mary Burgy

    Pond 1

    SOOC... I suck with this lens and didn't have IS on (using monopod and noticed after... I still need IS even on monopod)... and I had mono attached to camera instead of lens holder I need to make one of these work.... I have a lot but am trying to determine if I am being over anal.....
  15. Mary Burgy


    This is SOOC no adjustments