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  1. Maggie Focus

    Considering they charge for calibration, it should be better than this. It's going back.
  2. Maggie Focus

    I have not edited this but want your opinion. I feel my camera's focus is off. I know this is "passable" but I have come to expect TACK sharp images. Do you agree that her shoulder is more in focus than her eye? Focus was set on eye and confirmed by Canon. They look at the image at 50% though and he thought it was acceptable. This is SOOR with exposure adjustment to save highlights. I didn't want to up the luminance so you could see sharpness better. Am I crazy?
  3. To confirm though... If I do use image processing to save a jpeg or psd, it saves a copy of the image exactly as it is right then (example, if I have applied sharpening, etc)
  4. Thank you! I am trying to find easier ways when I am quickly editing everyday photos and want to involve batch processing when at all possible. My goal for January is to actually submit my prints for the sharpening class and get access to that bonus module. I am sure there are tips in there too! As always THANK YOU and enjoy your holidays!
  5. I am trying to improve my workflow and need help understanding the diff between file/automate/batch and file/scripts/image processor. I am mainly trying to do this for my save functions. Example: After I edit and I want to save all of my files without individually clicking save on each one. If I use file/scripts/image processor, it will do it, but the open files remain as .CR2 and it saves the PSD files. I am just curious if I am doing something wrong.
  6. I am looking to find some presets for my personal "non masterpiece" work (as you call it) to help speed things up. However, I can't get past the contrast to the skin in most of them.
  7. This one really interests me. When you do creative edits like this, does skin just go out the window? I currently look at CMYK values as I do your Skin action to help me judge. When you use a "preset" or effect like this, do you just ignore those values? Also, if you were going to adjust this to an ACR preset, would you just mess in the Hue/Sat tab?
  8. Dog eyes

    Like a charm! Ty
  9. Dog eyes

    Any suggestions for the blue look where the flash hits a dog's eyes?
  10. Morgan family smiles - no flash (neck issue)

    Am I just trying to even out the colors due to the lines? Is this better? Anything else?
  11. Vintage look

    Thank you! I will post my updates to my levels thread.
  12. Morgan family smiles - no flash (neck issue)

    Fingers crossed... It's about as good as I can get. I know she would want that double chin under her removed some....
  13. Morgan family smiles - no flash (neck issue)

    I didn't see you brought the hair in on the right. Is the chin side good? Will work on hair now.