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  1. I took the RAW and Layers and Masks class a long time ago, but I would like to take the skin class. I still feel all over the place and want to get my workflow down. So I realize I need to sign up for RAW and Levels, but then remembered the no Lightroom rule. I don’t think I can stop using Lightroom organizationally- I use it for projects, the book mode, so many things. And I don’t think it makes sense to go back and forth between LR and ACR. Can I sign up for everything and use Lightroom?
  2. Have you looked at Photigy? They are all about product photography education, and I think that would be a great place to get your answer.
  3. Here is a photo from before I called tech support. The print was very green compared to my screen.
  4. I wanted to come back and update as I was able to resolve this. I don't understand why there isn't more information out there or more people struggling with this, I think because a lot of people don't print things or calibrate. I tried everything, and read everything, and couldn't get the prints to match, so finally called X-Rite. So first he had me install a display profile that was in my library but not available as an option, and I switched to that. It is called Display Profile Linear. Then I recalibrated with instructions from tech support- the retina display is not a White LED, it is a RG Phosphor, so I switched to that. He had me use D65, which I knew would be too cool, so I went back and redid it at D50. And perfect. You may not be able to see that in the attached photo, but the differences are due to ambient light and screen illumination. I feel good about the color match. This is a test print from H&H compared to the file they publish for use in screen calibration. I hope this helps someone.
  5. It doesn't sound like there is anything I am doing obviously wrong then, apart from purchasing the wrong computer. I guess I can contact X-Rite and see if they have an answer, and I am not sure about renting- I will look into it, or see if I can find a friend with a Spyder I could try.
  6. I have had it for about one month. I am terrified you are going to suggest returning the computer (because that sounds like a gigantic pain in the ...).
  7. As crazy as it is, I am attaching a photo I just had my husband take. I have no idea if this is helpful or not. What is especially difficult about this is that my calibration on my previous iMac was so amazingly perfect. I had it matching exactly.
  8. Honestly, I didn't compare the prints to the screen of the new computer before I started the calibration process- I just assumed I would have to calibrate, so went ahead and did it. After the fact I tried to reset everything hoping maybe it would turn out the no calibration at all would land me in a better place, but no- my monitor is way, way too cool in that scenario. The profile I created where I set the white point at D50 is closest, but still not as warm as the prints. I don't see any utility in ordering more prints, because I have prints from Millers, MpixPro, Mpix, Nations, H&H, Color Inc., Pro Dpi, Canvas on Demand- I feel like I covered my bases on getting prints, and there was no huge difference for me between them except with the black and whites. And I am not even looking at that- I am very much looking only at color at this point. And of course, none of the prints were color corrected, etc. I have to think that this is something with the Retina display? Because what else could it be? If a new calibrator will solve this, I will order it immediately.
  9. I just replaced my 2011 iMac with a new iMac with a Retina display. I have had the Colormunki for several years. A few months ago, I ordered sets of prints from eight different labs, each set containing 6 photos that showed a range of colors and tones. Using my Colormunki and following Damien's instructions exactly, I was able to get my monitor to match my prints exactly- SO exactly that I had three different perfectly matched profiles that would match specific labs (I had a Miller's specific profile, for example, etc., even though I found the differences in my prints to be tiny). Then I replaced my IMac, and finally last night I got around to plugging my calibration device back in, as I will need to be ordering prints again. Pulled out all of the prints, went through the ColorMunki process exactly according to Damien's device, and I can't get my prints to match. The prints are all incredibly warm no matter what I do. I went through every step of the problem solving instructions, every white point possibility, and did it repeatedly. This morning I tried to just see if my prints would match better with NO calibration, as a lot of Mac people seem to think, and Ha! Yeah, no. So, looking at the options- clearly NOT an option to get a new screen. And the differences are so vast between the prints and the screen, I am not sure I can lower my expectations. After many years as a hobbyist I have just started the process of creating my business, and this is not the time when I can stop caring about print quality. I will happily purchase a new calibration device if that is what is advised. Am I missing something because this is a retina display? I have previously done this so successfully, that I am floored that this has gone so badly. Any ideas would be so incredibly appreciated.
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