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  1. Did it again. I like what it looks like now, thoughts???
  2. THEN I changed my Native to D55 and it got a little too warm.... See attached.
  3. Damien, I followed the instructions above and my white point target is 7079. Shouldn't it be closer to 6500k? Please see attachment.
  4. I didn't even realize there was a reply. Sorry. No, these aren't the same. Looks like they are a tad bit different.
  5. I’ve calibrated my monitor per your instructions but IM STILL having issues with color and my prints. My image on my monitor looks beautiful, however, the print I received from my lab looks desaturated and gray. I continue to have issues with color. I feel like my work is inconsistent because of this. I use srgb which is what my printer uses, so where is the disconnect and why do my images look like s*it?? Sorry just very frustrated. PLEASE PLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE HELP ME FIX THIS. I use 27” iMac, idisplay profiler to callibtate. Use canon 5d mark iii to shoot and usually 24-70mm lens.
  6. Wondering... is it best to retouch images in Photoshop with shades drawn closed making the room darker or with the natural light? For coloring purposes. I shoot portraits and had shades put on my windows and the room is much darker. Thank you.
  7. Why????? I'm a headshot photographer and it is vital my prints look like the images I edit.
  8. I had the SpyderPro 4. It seems like there was a color cast on my prints (greenish/gray tint). I just purchased a 27" iMac pro retina display 5k about 4 months ago.
  9. Sorry for the delay - I've been having trouble with my images not looking like the prints. I just purchased a i1 Display Pro. I'm hoping it corrects the problem. (fingers crossed).
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