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  1. Thank you Brian. Is the good video card running that much bc of chip shortages? Do you think they will come down in price in the next couple of years?
  2. Hi D - I asked this question in Brian's section -Windows and PC hardware forum - but realized it might be more appropriate here. When I opened the latest update of Photoshop CC v 23.3.2, I received a message saying that my graphics processor is incompatible with that version (please see below). I closed out of it, went back to creative cloud, and opened the version before that - PS v.22.5.7 - didn't get the message with that one. Computer is Dell XPS 8700 with Windows 10 Pro. As far as the graphics processor, I was told by someone that I should get a new graphics card to be able to use the latest version of PSCC. Not at a place where I can afford a new one, so should I just uninstall the latest version and use the version before? TY!
  3. Hey Brian - hope you are doing well. I guess a few things on my computer are out of date and/or haven't been updated. I opened CC PS for the first time, and received this message. Not sure what to do and looking for help from you. I have a Dell XPS 8700 - is there other information you need? Thanks - Jennifer
  4. Hi Damien- I downloaded the most recent i 1Display studio software per your directions fir now calibrating my colormunki display. should I go ahead and do a complete calibration now instead of just the monthly recalibration? Also- I noticed I was not getting the 4 week reminders for the last couple of times I recalibrated - have you heard of that occurring? I have a note to myself to call x-rite on Monday, but figured I’d check with you to see if you knew of anything like that happening. Oh and Happy Easter:)??
  5. Got them from my family for Christmas - I didn't even tell them that's what I wanted! Thanks again for the suggestion and hope your Christmas was good:)
  6. Ooh- that’s a nice looking set. Thanks For the link And happy holidays!
  7. Hey again - hope you are doing well. So I ended up being given a webcam that doesn't have a speaker and I need to get a new speaker for my Dell XPS 8700 with dual U2412M monitors (bc it stopped working). Nothing crazy - just need to use with online classes - I don't need anything audiophile quality. Any suggestions for this Brian? Thanks so much!
  8. Nope- just taking a pilates class online that uses zoom and my phone screen is too small. Thanks Brian- hope you’re doing well!
  9. Hey guys - not really Photography related, but given all the other great PC related info you've given me, I figured I'd ask here. I need to add a webcam with a microphone to my computer set-up (Dell XPS 8700 and 2 Dell U2412M monitors. Any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive, but reliable one. Maybe in the $50 range if possible. Found this one on Amazon but not sure if I should steer towards a particular brand. Thanks! https://www.amazon.com/Streaming-Computer-Microphone-with110-Degree-Recording/dp/B07T3S1TCG/ref=zg_bs_172511_10?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=JKVVDWKCT9C32XQ2EXQJ
  10. TY - how are you all doing over there btw?
  11. Hi D - I was having some problems with camera movement on some of this series, so trying to make sure both or at least one of these is sharp enough to show the client: 3046 which is the close-up or 3050 which is farther away
  12. also - just saw someone post that if you go on a chat with them you actually get 3 months.
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