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  1. also - just saw someone post that if you go on a chat with them you actually get 3 months.
  2. Hey Damien and Brian - not sure if you already know about this, but apparently Adobe will give you two free months of adobe CC. Got this from another photographer (missy mwac) who gave instructions. Here's the link... I did it myself and doesn't appear to be a scam of any sort. Missy Mwac https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=missy mwac&epa=SEARCH_BOX
  3. Hey D- I remember once talking with you about getting rid of old display profiles instead of saving them when I calibrate once a month. I stopped renaming them but wanted to get rid of the old ones. Do you know where they would be located in the computer? Thanks!
  4. That makes sense - i just wasnt sure if there was another reason. TY
  5. Hey D - I've been using this tute for awhile, exactly as you wrote it, but I have a question. Is there any reason why you do it with raw images, as opposed to using SOOR PSD. i.e. doing one, saving it as a SOOR PSD, and then processing the other and saving that as a SOOR PSD. And then adding one PSD to the other and working on that? Thanks!
  6. Focus check pls: f3.5 1/1000s ISO 640 35 mm
  7. Focus check pls: f3.5 1/800s ISO 500 35 mm
  8. Focus check pls: f3.5 1/1000s ISO 640 35 mm
  9. Focus check pls: f3.5 1/1000s ISO 640 35 mm
  10. Hi D - in the newest update for ACR, the process has version 5 as the current (newest). TBH - I hadn't looked at that since it changed from 2010 to 2012, and you added 2012 to the class. However, I was going through the tabs after the update and noticed this. If I started editing a session under version 4, and now there is version 5, should I change to version 5 for the rest of the session. Or should I stay with version 4 throughout the rest of the session editing? Or does not it not even matter?!
  11. awesome bc I would hate to have to wait another 30 minutes! lol Thank you!
  12. but isn't the room supposed to be completely dark when calibrating? Part 5: Lights out At this point, if you haven’t already, turn off the lights or pull the blinds, or whatever. Strictly speaking, the surrounding light shouldn’t matter, but it can’t hurt to be extra safe.
  13. Hi Damien - this is kind of a silly question, but in terms of calibrating 2 monitors... since the calibration process on one monitor could be affected by the light of the other monitor, do you turn off the monitor that is not being calibrated? And then once done with the first, do you have to wait another 30 minutes before calibrating the 2nd monitor (since it was off for the length of time the 1st monitor was being calibrated - about 5 minutes)? I know it's not a big deal since I only use one for editing, but I was curious what you would do. Thanks!
  14. Hey Damien - would you mind reposting this one for me, please? TIA!
  15. Hey D - sorry for the delay. A close friend of our family lost one of their children shortly after I was working on this, and I hadn't had a chance to go back to it. Hopefully, I will have a chance to go back to it in the next few days. Thank you:)
  16. oh yes - I'm so sorry. I thought I replied that I found it. Thank you!
  17. What about something like this? Does this look moody to you?
  18. hmmm. interesting. looks like the jpeg that came out of my camera without the glowing eyes and a little bit darker (I shoot raw and jpeg sometimes). I'll have to look at it closer. What did you do?
  19. Hi Damien - I found the first one on pinterest but there is no photographer's name attached. Would this work for my image? https://i.pinimg.com/736x/5e/09/8f/5e098f6c71e47cb8cea2c1c7ee473c30--modeling-photography-people-photography.jpg Second image is similar to first one https://500px.com/photo/150048577/mary-by-alexander-borisenko?ctx_page=5&from=gallery&galleryPath=20989867&user_id=15068095
  20. now next question. I had been saving the newly calibrated profile with the date just so I could remember when I last calibrated (i know - kind of OCD), and so have built up a number of them. I thought I remembered something else you wrote about getting rid of them. Can you tell me where in my OS they live, please?
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