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  1. I am ready to upgrade my monitor (plus didn't notice it is not mountable 😒), and I went to Damien's guide. It was updated back in March and I was wondering if there has been anything worth mentioning that is out now (besides de fact that half of the monitors in the list are not available anymore). I'm looking at this Acer monitor. Would it be suficient? Thank you!
  2. I actually found the problem (oversaw something dumb). I had set my compression set to ZIP in the external editor settings. After changing it to 'none' again were good to go. Thanks!
  3. I did think about posting there first. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I recently got a new rig and I noticed some things that I am not entirely pleased with in Ps (questions will come soon). The most notable one here is that when saving a doc, it takes 4-5 times as long as it did before. What did I mess up?
  5. Alright... I'll fix it later and reupload.
  6. The one in shadow?
  7. Yay? So, it is over exposed, isn't it?
  8. X1 Rite Pro. Being partially color blind doesn't help either...
  9. Well... that was what I thought the final version of it. LOL
  10. Yes. Just the belly area though... I'm not very concerned about the under breast area.
  11. Hello there! I was wondering if there could be a way to make this dress look flat on the belly area. Thanks!
  12. HP Pavilion 590-p0044 AMD Ryzen5-2400G (Raven Ridge) 32GB RAM 512GB SSD
  13. Did the update and the issue still is there. For now, disabling on board works. Safe to assume that I need a new/better card?
  14. I'm pretty sure I did updated, but I'll do it again just in case and report back. Thanks!
  15. Hi Brian, So, as you may already know, the new Ps update is being stupid. My Ps wasn't working right and I came across a YT video where it suggested disabling the on board graphics and now it is fine (so far). Two questions though. Does the video memory get combined (graphics card + on board) when working on PS? I ask because I have a GT730 card (I know, I'm broke), but apparently the Vega 11 graphics on board of my PC seem to be better. Am I just better of uninstalling that card and work directly off of on board?
  16. Thank you Damien... Cloning it is! *sigh*
  17. Yes. Here it is. Wait... that was a different one. Same issue though...
  18. So, is there a possible way this could be fixed with other method than cloning/patching. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Gera

    Double chin

    I'm sure that is as best as it will get. Thanks Damien!
  20. Hi! I know this isn't the best picture with the best quality, but I need help reducing the double chin. I've tried your handy man method but for some reason I can't get it to where I'm happy with it. Could you please Damien give it a go? Thanks!
  21. The best way to explain it I guess is to paint using any brush at a set opacity without getting affected when I let go from the mouse button or pen and continue... Or visually, I don't wan brush strokes to look like in the photo... I'm sure you see the overlapping strokes, I don't want that.
  22. I do it on anything in general... mainly dodge and burn, but also Nik tools, cloning, etc. I know it is not the most effective way but I don't know any other way LOL
  23. Hi all! I was wondering if there was a way to turn off the function that when you do a brush stroke say at 40% opacity and if you stroke again after lifting the pen off the tablet it becomes darker. In other words, what can I do so that can do multiple strokes at an opacity less than 100% without being affected? I hope that made sense. Thanks!
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