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  1. Gera

    Double chin

    I'm sure that is as best as it will get. Thanks Damien!
  2. Hi! I know this isn't the best picture with the best quality, but I need help reducing the double chin. I've tried your handy man method but for some reason I can't get it to where I'm happy with it. Could you please Damien give it a go? Thanks!
  3. The best way to explain it I guess is to paint using any brush at a set opacity without getting affected when I let go from the mouse button or pen and continue... Or visually, I don't wan brush strokes to look like in the photo... I'm sure you see the overlapping strokes, I don't want that.
  4. I do it on anything in general... mainly dodge and burn, but also Nik tools, cloning, etc. I know it is not the most effective way but I don't know any other way LOL
  5. Hi all! I was wondering if there was a way to turn off the function that when you do a brush stroke say at 40% opacity and if you stroke again after lifting the pen off the tablet it becomes darker. In other words, what can I do so that can do multiple strokes at an opacity less than 100% without being affected? I hope that made sense. Thanks!
  6. I am to begin printing canvas up to 20x30. A couple of people have mentioned that it would be best to print at 300dip. My concern is if the file is smaller (let's say 4000x2000 per say) would 150dpi be enough for a canvas that large to be printed and look good? Thanks!
  7. OMG @Damien Symonds!!!! So this is basically the tutorial on the baby with the hat on, right? Get the gradient --> Mask off whatever it on it's way I'll give it a try some time this week and post it. Thank you!
  8. By the way... do you know which video am I talking about?
  9. I know... using a large brush is a pain due to the softness and if it gets reduced, de hardness makes it look really bad... 😫
  10. Alrigiht. I'll give it a try and keep you posted. Thank you.
  11. And hopefully the clouds too
  12. I'm here! Sorry... It actually was one with a pregnant woman and a cloud you got rid of close to a hill... or at least that's what I remember. I it was one where you fixed a wrinkle off her dressed... I think. And yes, Here is a jpg of it. I know my raw processing sucks now... But I basically want to get rid of the lights on the structure and on the bridge. But when I try to clone them out you can imagine the result I get. Thanks!
  13. I remember a while a go while I was navigating through the layers class that I came across a video where @Damien Symonds edited out a cloud from the sky but used a gradient to do it. I've search and for my life I can find the video. Has anyone seen it? Is it still linked here somewhere? Thank you in advance!
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