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  1. Thank you Damien for your help.
  2. How is this Damien- I applies same technique to this photo as well.
  3. This is great Damien. How did you did it??
  4. Hello Damien,Is it possible to remove the silver cake board from this photo?? Could you please help me. Thank you
  5. How is this Damien?? I tried handyman method and use the eyedropper/brush method.
  6. Thank you for your time and effort Damien. Here is the better quality 100% crop of the red mark. Thank you
  7. Lesson learned Damien... Can you please tell me how can I remove the red mark .Thank you
  8. Thank you Damien, I will upload high quality image in a while.
  9. I chose low quality. Is this something I should not have done??
  10. How is this Damien? Can you also give me heads up on how to get rid of the red mark on the boy's left cheek. Thank you
  11. Thank you Damien for your help
  12. How is this Damien. As you have suggested I use Radial gradient instead the linear one. (Please excuse my masking skill )
  13. Thank you for your help Damien but I could not figure out which swatch control which area. I couldnot go further then this step.
  14. Thank you Damien, Did you use the Gradient layer video method of the above mention link??
  15. Hello Damien, How can I remove shadow that is on the wall. Thank you
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