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  1. Fall Sun Flare

    Thanks I have a shot of some white gum trees that already have some rays in but I wanted to pull them out a bit more- cheers.
  2. Fall Sun Flare

    Ditto to see the PSD file again please
  3. ACR editing and bracketed shots.

    I'll take that as a vote of confidence and work from the the best of the three I'll edit some up and see if I can get 'em past you
  4. HI, I have a number of photos where I have tried bracketing shots - as described in Brian's post below. So I end up with three photos that in theory should be combined in to one that will give a better result for a, e.g., bright sky and dark foreground. My question is: how would you recommend these fit into the ACR process? Would you combine them first and then do the RAW edits on the merged image or process each one individually and edit them concnertrating on getting either the 'bright' or 'dark' areas right? I'm assuming that you bracket in the firstplace because one image can't cover the range you want. Any pearls?
  5. Say hello!

    Hi, Mark here, aged 55 (can't belive it!), English orginally but now living in Southern Norway since 1996. I joined 6 months ago while out travelling the world for 12 months so waited until I got home with internet & a decent monitor before surfacing. Lots of pictures to edit from the trip, both decent everyday photos and a few that I really want to get the best of with some kick ass editing. Apparently this is the place to learn that under Damiens gentle guidance...