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  1. Hey Damien, can you please renew the psd link on this? 🙈
  2. I never tried it. I couldnt get the pen tool to work so gave up for a while. That a while turned into "I forgot".
  3. true true! OK i will try give it a shot and come back
  4. so basically use the pen tool around the edges of the leaf, and extract the outline of it? NAd then color it?
  5. Lol! No but seems like fun. WHats your plan?
  6. Nope! Tried it once and with the lack of resources, gave up
  7. As we discussed, here is a picture i pulled from google search, and my own picture. Can we possibly do something like this ?
  8. I found out about the updates as I saw it happening. I clicked install updates and it showed me updating firmware. I still haven’t gotten around to looking at dell support. Will try tomorrow when kids are back to their routine and update
  9. Thanks a bunch! I will call them PS: I ran glary while I submitted this and it seems to be doing better after that but I am cautious to say that just yet.
  10. Hi Brian, I have Dell Inspiron Touch screen laptop, with intel core i7, 7th gen, that I bought 3 years ago. I use it for photography stuff and recently installed python, and working on small projects. I am taking some courses and will be doing that starting next wek too. It did a firmware update yesterday, and since then the laptop has ben SLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. Taking nearly 10 seconds or more to respond to each click. I have close to 500GB or free space and the same amount used. I ran Glary last month and just now and it cleaned cache and stuff. Has it got something to do with firmware update? What else i can do to fix the issue? I really do not want to buy a new HW right now. Thanks a lot for your help
  11. How to I add " soft white “outer glow” " to the text in watermark?
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