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  1. Great thanks! I am quite knowledgeable with layers and masks but I'll check the description to see if I'm missing anything.
  2. Hi Damien Which of your classes would you most recommend for photo restoration and colourisation, please? Thank you. Regards Silvia
  3. Thanks, I understand now!! The colours seems to compare quite well. I may have to go a tiny bit warmer. The screen is brighter than the print - nothing I can do about that because my brightness is on 0. Pity the screen has this drawback. Thanks very much for your assistance!
  4. I will need to redo my prints next week, due to above misunderstanding.
  5. ... So the aim is to get the on screen colours to look close to the print and if they don't to change preset until it's close. and thus no colour profile required.... (which would be great). Was just confused by your article on soft proofing. But I think I understand what you mean now... slowly getting there (sorry for the hassle)
  6. I guess for brightness it doesn't, but what about checking the colours (at the end of your instructions Part 12 you have a section on colour). If I print without softproofing then the printed colours will look different to what is on screen surely?
  7. Ok I see, thanks. And I would compare based on using the printer's colour profile in Photoshop.
  8. Hi again. I've now gone through the proper calibration process and when I got to the brightness, my brightness reading was too high. I've now reduced brightness to zero and the reading is 109-111. I can't reduce brightness below zero. Is it ok as is? Many thanks...
  9. Thanks Damien!! I followed the re-installation steps, after a few hick-ups (seems to be a bit temperamental) the brightness step now seems to work . Have kept it at the original software version of 4.5.4. Will try update to 4.5.9 later and see if it changes anything.
  10. Hi I've just followed the Spyder 4 Pro instructions (software version 4.5.9) for calibrating my desktop screen (Dell U2410). Everything worked perfectly except for the step where the spyder is supposed to measure brightness and then pause and give you the measurement (which should be between 70-110 as recommended in the instructions, and if not you should then have the option of adjusting the brightness until it falls within this range). My calibration process does not pause and gives no brightness value, it just works straight through the calibration process until it asks you to remove the spyder and press Finish. So I have no idea what my brightness measurement is. Anyone know why this is happening? When I previously used my Spyder on a laptop screen with an earlier software version I did get this step. Thanks
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