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Calibrated iMac screen much warmer

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I recently purchased an iMac desktop and am trying to calibrate with a Spyder4 Pro.  Unfortunately, I do not have a print I can compare to but rather am only able to compare on other screens and devices. The iMac screen is much much warmer!!! I've gone over my settings a million times, compared with another local photographer friend and i don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Help please! 

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3 minutes ago, Christine Mahn said:

It's so much different that when I post to FB for example the children look like ghosts! I can't image that's right?

The same file viewed on your iMac in FB is "ghost"-like compared to the file viewed on your iMac in PS?  (Same monitor both times?)  No, that can't be right -- sounds like you saved the file with the wrong color space embedded.  Go through this troubleshooter to rule that out.

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