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Extending the Image?


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I didn't really know how to word the topic of my question. As you can see, the girl's bum is cut off in the picture, and I'd like to extend it only to finish off her skirt if possible...yes, I know, I essentially want to build a picture - challenge issued! I've worked with this family several times...they're twins...and the mom knows how quick they are to do something cute and race off to something else, so I don't always have time to move into a great position. If it can't be done, no biggie...just wanted to see if it's possible and if so, I'll gain additional PSE knowledge. Image is SOOR. Thanks Damian!




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Sorry for the delayed response...hit with both a sinus infection and the stomach flu within 24 hours. I'm uploading four other photos SOOR that may provide the details needed (I'm posting two here and two in another reply for file sizes). The last one (ASKDAMIEN4) is another shot of the original photo posted, and gives a tiny bit more detail on the skirt, but I don't know if it's enough, so that's why I'm providing the others. The others, however, are different shots at a different angle, and I'm not sure if it needs to be at the same angle as the one I'm asking for help on. Thanks again for any help or guidance you can provide on this one!





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