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Shrinking a Photo REALLY Small

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Hi Damien, I am trying to take a photo (that is not great quality to start with) and shrink it down really tiny (to 17mm across). The final product gets printed and then mounted in a small metal frame and resin coated. I am using bicubic sharper for reductions but finding the quality loss is still too much. Do you have any secrets I can use to reduce the size and still maintain decent quality? I have printed one out and it is just passable but if I can improve it I would love to. I have attached the original, the in process screenshot and the reduced file. Thanks in advance.

Jess 17 mm.jpg

Jess 1440 px 72 dpi.jpg

Jess Screen Capture.JPG

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Firstly, you should know that resizing is the most important part of printing.  If your lab needs 300ppi, you provide 300ppi.  End of story.

Secondly, you're NOT increasing it!!!!!!!!  The resolution of the photo (at its full size) is WAAAAAAAAY higher than 300ppi when the size is 17mm wide.  Try it and see!  In the Image Size dialog, temporarily turn off the "Resample image" checkbox, then change the width to 17mm.  You'll see the resolution shoot up to the thousands, probably.

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I get that when I shrink it that is increasing the ppi but understanding how to use the program to do it is that part that escaped me. I know that because the lab prints at 300ppi there is no point in going higher than that. Maybe it is just interpretation of my wording.... increasing being changing from 72 to 300 which in fact actually decreases the ppi but is an increase in the number entered. I honestly haven't used the image resize dialog box much at all and wasn't used to it automatically putting numbers in resolution box.


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