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Oaklin Helmet

Sandra Shan

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Hi Damien,  a client has asked if l can put bub in hubby's helmet so l am attempting that...the problem l am having is l want to put bub inside the helmet and have googled some info on how to do that, the first screenshot is me having brought in the pic of bub and resized, the info l got in regards to making bub look like she is actually in the helmet was to drag bub's layer down in between the 2 layers of the helmet but as you can see on the second screenshot when l do that bub's pic disappears...for the life of me l cannot work out where l have gone wrong......

Oaklin helmet.JPG

Oaklin 2 Helmet.JPG

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Yes l found your emails sorry will join the classes again later on funds a bit tight at present.....thankyou

Have been looking at the above pic for ages do you think it is okay as is except for cropping of course but l

can't see anything else that l need to do....

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The first thing to do is unclip that layer.  Clipping is not necessary here.

Then it's time to add some shadow for realism.  In between the two layers you have there, add a Hue/Saturation layer, and lower the Lightness slider to about -60.  Then invert its mask, then start painting on some shadows under the arm and hand, with a very low opacity brush.

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