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Is my monitor Wide Gamut?

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Today I began the process of calibrating my monitor on my HP Envy laptop (windows 10). I followed your directions precisely and every single time the color and the brightness and the contrast were COMPLETELY off. I tried and tried and tried. I adjusted everything (except "technology type" - I left that at White LED). It was completely off, regardless of what I did. Then I tried it on my old laptop (also an HP) and it worked fine. So I started reading through all the questions and I discovered the person who said that their monitor was wide gamut and that they had been trying White LED without working until they switched to Wide Gamut. So I gave it a whirl. And it seems to have worked. I am need to compare my prints to my monitor tomorrow, during daylight because my interior lights are way too dim and yellow to make a true comparison right now. Anyway, I was just wondering how I can know for sure if my monitor is Wide Gamut?

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Well, to be honest, it sounds like you HAVE found out that it is wide gamut. If the calibration is better, that sounds good enough to me.

And that's good news - it's nice to have a W-G monitor.  Just be aware of the browsing and other issues that I discussed here.

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