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how to fake backlight

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hi Damien and the team,

I was wondering if there is a way to fake a backlight?

Sometimes when I shoot inside client doesn't have a window that I can use, and I don't have a huge softbox, and I love backlit photos especially when I have a newborn or pregnancy shooting.

Here are some photos so you can see what I meant.

Thank you!

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sorry, my bad! I've read it after posting. Since these pics are the some I found on google images, here is the link to my favourite newborn photographer: 



Any chance to fake that backlite? My picture is attached.

thx Damien!



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Thank you guys! I was thinking in general, is it possible to fake backlight, maybe with something like high-key? 

I always have a problem when I add to much white on the background, it looks unrealy, no shadows around the body, and the border of the body become hursh, not soft like it would me on normally backlighted photo. Anyhow if you have some tutorial on high-key in postprocessing I would appreciate it.

thank you!



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