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Not sure I understand print comparison

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I am getting ready to try to calibrate by your instructions.   I have old prints but I am not good at editing consistently yet and the white balance and colors are pretty poor.  For example a white shirt has a slight pinkish tinge to them, or some are too warm, too dark, over saturated, etc.   I wouldn't want to try to change my screen to match bad prints, then I"d be editing all in the wrong colors wouldn't I?  Do your instructions require good exposed and white balanced photos, if so I'm not sure how to get them without calibrating first.   Or am I missing something? 

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It doesn't matter.  The purpose of monitor calibration is for your screen to match ALL prints - not just good ones.

In fact, it could be argued that it's even more important for your screen to match your bad prints, so you can SEE if your edits are bad before you print them.  Does that make sense?

Don't over-think this, my friend.  Just calibrate and compare.

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