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Colour issues with print

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I have an Epsom4900 printer and its always given me prints that match my screen. Enter new imac and I am having problems - skin tones washed out and grey looking, lack of depth in colours.

I have calibrated using my xrite with no success.  The printer controls colour and the paper is all set correctly and I am at a loss as to where to go next all the while the print queue grows.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Only because the power is out!  The photo I was printing today was processed last year on old Mac, I hadn't printed it so I will print something tomorrow that I have a copy of already to show you the difference. Won't be until the afternoon sometime.


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Yes I have gone from imac to another.

Photo attached - top image is what my prints look like now, bottom was before (same shoot different images but shows the colour difference.)

aask D image.JPG

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