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READ THIS FIRST - Posting guidelines

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Got a question that doesn't seem to fit in the other sections?  No trouble, post it here.  The ground rules are:

  1. Browse the other sub-forums first, to make sure it really is a 'miscellaneous' question.
  2. Post-processing questions only, please:  I'm afraid I can't help you with questions about photography, lenses, lighting, posing and so on.  Post those ones in Ask Brian.
  3. One question per post, please. If you have more than one question to ask, please ask them in separate posts.  
  4. Only upload your own photos:  If you are posting an image you must own the copyright to it.
  5. No posting for constructive criticism:  This is not the place to post a general question like "how does this look?"  The moderators will routinely delete these kinds of posts.  Only post if you have a specific question.
  6. Search the forum and the resources section of my site before posting:  You might find your question has already been answered.
  7. If I think your post belongs in another section, I'll move it there.  So if you can't find your post, click the "Content I Started" link at the top of your screen to find it.

Feel free to post your questions, and I am looking forward to helping you!

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