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I'm seriously wanting to upgrade my camera body due to the horrible noise with  high ISO on my current canon 7d. When I shoot my daughters dance competitions are the only times I need to use the higher iso.  (no flash allowed during competition so my speedlight is not an option)  I'd love to go full frame and do have the glass to currently support that.  I am really wanting the 5d mark iii.  But I will have to save awhile longer.  I have thought about the 6D but afraid I will be disappointed with the image quality at a higher iso.  Currently my game plan is to rent the 5d mark iii for the occasions I will need the higher iso then upgrade when I have the money.   Would the 6D make me happy and save the money on renting or should I just continue with the game plan.  I will only need the higher iso 4 more times this year.  

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I don't like the 6D personally. The main reason is that the ONLY reliable AF point is the center one. On the 6D that's the only "Cross Type" AF Point. Also, the Canon 6D, like the Nikon D610 is a "Entry Level" Full Frame body. I'm not going to spend $1400 on a "Entry-Level" anything. That's why I don't recommend the Nikon D600/D610 either. No sense buying a FX "Digital Rebel."

Now, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would tell me that I'm wrong and of course, they would be correct. The 6D will definitely perform better in the High ISO dept. compared to your Canon 7D. But in reality, each time I "settled" for _________ camera body, due to lack of funds, I was ultimately unhappy and had buyer's remorse for my purchase. I hate wasting money on this sh*t. If you want the 5D Mark III and have your heart set on it, then get the 5D Mark III. No sense in blowing $1400 and being unhappy. Believe me, I feel your pain. I'm trying to get enough money to buy a used D3s in good shape. Speaking of used, here is a couple of used 5D Mark III on Keh.com:  https://www.keh.com/shop/canon-eos-5d-mark-iii-22-3-megapixel-digital-slr-camera-body-only-black.html You could save a little by getting a used body in EX or EX+ shape.

Now, before we take the Full Frame Plunge, let's talk lenses. If you have a bunch of EF-S lenses, they will cripple your 5D Mark III. EF-S lenses are really only meant to be used with crop bodies. With Canon, you want to use the EF lenses with a Full Frame body. So list what you have. Keep in mind, the average cost to upgrade to Full Frame will run you between $4000-$4500. Why? Because crop shooters have a bunch of crop body only lenses and don't realize it. So chances are, you will be buying a lens along with your FF body.

Edit: I just re-read your thread and you indicated that you have your lenses lined up. So disregard the last portion of this comment box. Unless you want to.

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