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How big can I print this image

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I think this is going to be bad news but I have to ask anyway

I want to print this image as a present as large as possible but I bought it off a lady who took it years ago with a basic camera. 

Whilst I have worked out on PS that it is over 17 megapixels, when I zoom in i'm not getting any focus!

If you don't have the focus is there a guide of how big this will go?

I went to so much effort to purchase this image and I'm going to be so shattered if I can't print it! 



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So disappointing. 

I paid $75 for it and it was only after that that she said it was taken on a point and shoot which was about 12mp

She also said that she changed it to 300dpi. Would that have changed things?

There is nothing I can do to save this is there??

Thanks so much for your help!

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