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Calibrations issues for wide gamut screen (Dell)

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I've been having calibration issues ever since I became a photographer 2 years ago.  Not to mention I'm self-taught so that's mainly where the issue comes from lol

The issue is that when I calibrate my screen, the results are a super dark pink finish and the screen is extremely dark!   Seriously I cannot edit anything like that...  When I called the company they said my screen was just too bright... Either way I'd rather have the factory settings then pull the picture up on my iPhone to compare the results and to see what needs to be fixed!

How horrible is this??


Any suggestions anyone??


I have a DELL desktop with a wide gamut screen and the devide I used to calibrate my screen is X-rite color munki display


Thanks ahead!

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Are you 100% sure that you have a wide gamut monitor and not just a wide screen monitor? (You'd be surprised how often people mix those up) A link to the monitor specs would be helpful too.


What about your test prints? How do they compare to what you see on your monitor?

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On ‎3‎/‎22‎/‎2016 at 10:45 PM, Damien Symonds said:

May I have a link to your screen's specs?



This is the computer I have!

thank you so so much!


I was told I need to buy this one: http://xritephoto.com/ph_product_overview.aspx?id=1454&catid=109


and this is the one I have that gives me the weirdest finish:  http://xritephoto.com/colormunki-display

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wow I had no idea this is considered a laptop! Crazy!! I'm going to look into buying a MAC... probably much better for editing purposes.. My husband doesn't like all the junk around the computer so he thought this would be the best one! I wish I did my homework! Thank you guys!

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