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Processing JPEG Files

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If I've missed the answer somewhere else.... I apologise but...
FIRSTLY - Yes, I shoot in RAW..
BUT.... when I went to RIO last year I didn't always feel comfortable lugging my mate's DSLR round in full view - so I have a large number of shots that were taken with a point and shoot that only did JPEG.. :-( 
Any suggestions on the processing of these for best results.
Or just process as normal, and understand that anything more than "gentle" persuasion will likely produce poor results.

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Actually, jpeg files are more robust than people think.  You can usually edit them every bit as much as any other photo.  Unless they are underexposed - the darker they are, the worse the quality.

Anyway, to answer your question, generally I'll make white balance adjustments in raw, and maybe some simple tweaks such as Exposure, but mainly I leave it for Photoshop.

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